How To Delete Hidden Purchases On iPhone

iphone on mirror deskiphone on mirror desk

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Sadly, there is no clear cut solution to deleting your hidden purchases. The history will still be under the hidden purchases and you cannot delete this information. 

How To Hide A Purchased App

Though you can’t delete purchases, you can hide purchased apps.

Open App Store

Find the App store. This is where you can edit your purchased apps and make any other customizations.

Click On Account Icon

Find the profile icon that represents your account. It should be at the top right side of the screen.

Find Purchased

Find the term “Purchased.” This will show all the apps that you “purchased,” even if those applications were free. It’s every application that you have ever downloaded.

Choose The App To Hide

Once you pull up all the apps, look for the one that you want to hide. When you find it, you just need to swipe left to hide it. Once you click “done,” you’re good to go!

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