How to Delete Cash App Transaction History and Activity

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People are used to deleting their history at the click of a button without giving up more than they want. There are situations where you would like to delete your Cash App transaction history and activity.

Unfortunately, if you want to delete this information, you must delete your Cash App account. There’s no way to delete single transactions from your Cash App history without account deletion.

However, unlike other money exchange apps, Cash App doesn’t show other people your transactions. The only people with access to your transactions are people who participated in them. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Close Your Cash App Account

If you want to delete your Cash App transaction history and activity, you need to delete your Cash App account.

Follow these steps to remove this information and get rid of your Cash App:

  1. Drain your Cash App account of all available money
  2. Go to your Cash App home screen
  3. Enter your Cash App account settings menu
  4. Delete your account
  5. Confirm that you want to delete

Ensure that you transfer all your money into a secure bank account before deleting it.

You do not want to lose your funds during this deletion process.

After you delete your Cash App account, you don’t have to worry about your transaction history or activity.

This method is the only way to get rid of this information.

How To View Your Cash App Transaction History

There are plenty of situations where you need to check your Cash App transaction history.

You’ll want to check this information before deleting your account because once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

  1. Click on your profile
  2. Click on personal
  3. Go to the document section
  4. View your monthly statements
  5. Choose the time of year you want to look at

Many people use Cash App for their direct deposits from their jobs.

In this situation, you could need your Cash App transaction history to prove your income.

If you still want to delete your Cash App account, you should print off these documents so that you have a copy just to be safe.

Otherwise, you might need to contact Cash App support later.

Can Other People See Your Cash App Transaction History?

The only person that can see your transaction history is yourself.

Cash App differs from other money transfer applications because it doesn’t display your transactions to other people.

The only person who can view a transaction is the other person involved.

Otherwise, your Cash App transactions are completely private and secure from the public eye.

You don’t need to adjust settings to keep your Cash App transaction history private.

Cash App automatically makes it so others can’t view your personal information.

Purpose of Cash App Transaction History

Every financial institution gives you access to your transaction history, and Cash App is no exception.

Although Cash App allows you to exchange money with others easily, it still takes finances seriously.

Without your transaction history, it would be difficult to keep track of your finances and approve your purchases.

This could lead to plenty of confusion regarding your account balance.

Your Cash App transaction history will contain all transactions throughout the month.

Checking your transaction history often is a great way to improve your financial situation.

Your transaction history can play a huge role in how you file your taxes every year.

It makes it easier to file them when you have financial information easy to access.

Reasons to Delete Your Cash App Transaction History

Deleting your Cash App transaction history and previous activity can be a difficult decision.

However, there are plenty of situations where you should delete your Cash App account.

  • You have privacy concerns
  • Your account has been compromised
  • People are trying to access your information
  • You no longer have use for Cash App
  • You no longer feel comfortable using Cash App
  • You’re switching financial institutions

Cash App won’t let you delete your transaction history without deleting your entire account because they are a legitimate financial institution.

In addition, the law requires that they record transactions.

If you want to delete Cash App but hang on to your transaction history, you’ll need to save your documents.

You can make hard copies to keep them safe.

Final Thoughts

Cash App is one of the most popular ways people exchange money online.

You don’t even need a bank account to use Cash App because they’re recognized as a financial institution.

However, most people use Cash App as a secondary source of banking.

If they no longer need this source, they can delete their accounts whenever they want.

When you delete your Cash App account, you’ll also delete your transaction history and activity.

Remember to delete the application from your phone after you delete your account.

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