How to Delete a TP-Link Account


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TP-Link is a Chinese company specializing in Wi-Fi networking equipment, including routers and range extenders. When you purchase a TP-Link product, you can create an account in the TP-Link cloud. This account will store all the metadata related to the TP-Link products, but it may become unnecessary if you no longer use them.

Deleting a TP-Link account can be done by submitting a form on the TP-Link website. The request can also be sent via email. These two methods are the only ways to proceed with the deletion. Requesting this service should only be done after taking into consideration what access will be lost.

If you have a TP-Link account that you no longer need, read on to find out more about how to achieve this.

How to Delete a TP-Link Account?

TP-Link is known primarily for its Wi-Fi extenders and its powerful smart Wi-Fi routers. It has also introduced a mesh Wi-Fi system that provides whole-home coverage. While using TP-Link products, it is recommended to create a TP-Link account that stores all metadata related to them in the cloud. Once you no longer need one, you should delete it.

There are two ways to delete a TP-Link account, and they both require the need to request this service to be performed for you. This is how you can do that:

  • Visit the TP-Link website and access the help page. You will be able to submit a form that requests the closure and deletion of your TP-Link account. You will be asked for several details, including your TP-Link account ID (usually your email).
  • If you’d rather skip the visit to the website, there is a more direct approach. You can make a request for your TP-Link account to be deleted by sending an email with your TP-Link account ID to the following address: [email protected]

There is currently no option to delete your TP-Link account from the associated app or the website. No matter which method is most convenient, you will have to request this service from TP-Link.

Once you do so, the TP-Link will proceed to the deletion process and will remove your account. Following that step, your email won’t be associated with a TP-Link account, and you will no longer have a TP-Link ID to connect to the service.

What Happens When You Delete a TP-Link Account?

Before deleting your TP-Link account, you must be aware of what that entails. Once the deletion is final, you will lose all access to the account and all the data stored in the cloud. This will include services like Tether, Deco, TPCamera, Tapo, and Kasa.

Following the deletion, there will be no way to restore or revert the data that used to be associated with the account. If you one day need to re-register with a TP-Link ID, you will not be able to access any previous data, even if you use the same credentials as before.

This is why you should only request the deletion of your account if you no longer use TP-Link products or if it has otherwise become obsolete in some way. Don’t ask for the deletion if you’re still using a TP-Link product with data that saves to the cloud, or you will lose all information associated with it.

How Do You Unbind a TP-Link?

If you decide you don’t need to request the deletion of your TP-Link account, you might want to consider unbinding the account from some of the products you use. This is in case you no longer want the data from that device to be stored in the TP-Link cloud.

To unbind a TP-Link account from a device, you can follow two different methods in one of the TP-Link apps.

  • Go to the home page of the app, where you will see a list of your devices. Select the device you wish to unbind, and tap on the ‘remove’ button. The selected device will disappear from the list.
  • You can also tap on the device on your home page and then tap Device Settings. This will show you an option to remove the device, which will unbind it.

Are You Sure You Want to Delete Your TP-Link Account?

The TP-Link cloud is an easy way to store metadata for all your TP-Link devices. With the TP-Link ID, you will also be in control of all settings for these devices from one place. This will allow you to upgrade firmware and select which devices you want to bind to your TP-Link ID. Selecting these devices will allow you to decide which data will be stored.

If you use TP-Link cameras or smart plugs, you will be able to use your TP-Link account to connect to them and use them remotely. You’ll also see the data recorded by them.


To delete a TP-Link account, you will have to submit a request to the TP-Link customer support team. This can be done either by submitting a form on the TP-Link website or by directly emailing the team. The deletion should only be requested if you are sure you no longer require access to the data in the cloud.

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