How to Delete a Kindle Account?

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The Kindle is one of Amazon’s most popular products. This series of e-Readers has been in production since 2007. When you get a Kindle, you register the device to your Amazon account and then get easy access to purchasing Kindle titles and subscribing to Kindle Unlimited. Once you’re done with your Kindle journey, you can proceed to delete the account if you choose.

Deleting a Kindle account can be done by deregistering the device from the linked Amazon account it uses. Permanent deletion of the Amazon account of the Kindle owner can also be considered. There are several steps to these processes.

If you are no longer using a Kindle account or if you’re looking to replace one, read on to find out more about how to delete a Kindle account.

Deleting a Kindle Account

The Kindle e-reader has been one of the most successful in the category on the worldwide market. Currently, there are seven models of Kindle available for purchase, and the newest is the renewed version of the Paperwhite. The Kindle gets connected to your Amazon account and then wirelessly interacts with the Kindle store for purchases and updates.

There are two methods to delete a Kindle account:

  • The device-specific method of deregistering the Kindle from the main Amazon account
  • The full deletion of the Amazon account associated with the Kindle device

How to Deregister a Kindle Account

If you are replacing your Kindle e-reader, selling it, or gifting it, you should first deregister it from your Amazon account. There are a few steps to this process. First, you should go to the Amazon website, then click on ‘Manage Your Content and Devices.’ You will then be prompted to log in with your Amazon credentials.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to see a list of the current devices linked to your Amazon account. You will also be able to click on the ‘Actions’ button and then select ‘Deregister.’ From then on, your Kindle device will no longer be associated with your Amazon.

How to Permanently Delete a Kindle Account

The other option available for the permanent deletion of your Kindle account involves closing your entire Amazon account. This can be done if you no longer wish to use any of their services and will automatically erase all associated devices, including the Kindle.

When you decide to close your Amazon account, you will have to access the ‘Close Your Amazon Account’ page on the website. This will prompt you to log into the Amazon account you would like to close.

Following the login process, you will be shown all the services and devices associated with your Amazon account. Review these, then select a reason for the closure of your account from the dropdown menu.

Before proceeding, make sure to tick the box confirming that you want to permanently close this particular Amazon account. After that, click the ‘Close My Account’ option. A confirmation will then be sent as an email or text message to the primary communication method linked to the account. You will have five days to reply to this confirmation to verify it.

Once verified, the Amazon team will proceed with the complete closure of your account with them.

What Happens When You Deregister a Kindle?

When you deregister a Kindle device, you will lose all the linked Amazon services that you could use on it. This includes Kindle Unlimited, the Kindle store, and your Kindle library. You will no longer have your previous purchases synced and accessible on your device.

Deregistering the Kindle will also make it harder to manage files. You should only proceed with this step if you are replacing your Kindle or if you are sure that you won’t be using the service at all anymore.

What Happens When You Close Your Amazon Account?

When you close your Amazon account, you lose all access to Amazon products. Your account will become inaccessible on all Amazon platforms and all services linked with them. No one will be able to continue using these credentials to log into Amazon.

The account cannot be restored once it is closed, so you will instantly be removed from all subscriptions and services that you were using on it. To get access back to Amazon products, you will need to create an account from scratch.

All data associated with your Amazon account will be deleted when you close the account, and it will become irretrievable. Therefore, you should make sure you really want to do this. If security is your main concern, learn more here.

How to Cancel Kindle Unlimited

One of the crucial steps when deleting a Kindle account is to ensure that any active subscription to services like Kindle Unlimited is canceled. Do this step before or after you deregister the device to avoid getting charged for services you are no longer using.

To cancel Kindle Unlimited, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon website and click on ‘Manage Content and Devices.’
  2. Select ‘Manage Membership.’
  3. Click on ‘Cancel Kindle Unlimited Membership.’
  4. Your subscription will be canceled immediately but will remain accessible until your next billing day.


Deleting a Kindle account can be achieved either through deregistering the device and unlinking it from the main Amazon account. You can also delete the main Amazon account, which will effectively take care of all associated devices, as well as subscriptions that you may be using with the account.

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