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How to Create Pet Profiles on Ring App in Minutes

Last Updated Nov 3, 2022
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Ever since Amazon bought Ring, the product line and market have both taken off for this very important sector of home automation: protecting all that live in the home.

Read on to find out how to create a pet profile on the Neighbors app from Ring in just a few minutes.

Using the Neighbors App to Create Pet Profiles

Ring’s products not only function as doorbells but can also be used as surveillance cameras if desired through the use of the Neighbors app.

The Neighbors App has a whole host of functions ready to integrate with your Ring product.  

One of the most interesting and unique features is a blessing to all pet owners in the form of pet profiles.

These pet profiles were created to help with the fact that more than 10 million pets are lost annually in the United States.  

Once created, these profiles will help alert neighbors to be on the lookout for your canine companion, feline friend, or any other animal that has gone missing.

Access Your Pets Menu

After you have opened the Neighbors App, open your side menu options by tapping on the corresponding button.  

From here, you will be able to see your options available on the Neighbors app.

Tap on the “My Pets” option.  

At this point, you can: 

  • Create new profiles for any critter that comes into your house
  • Change or add things to any existing profile
  • Delete a profile.

What’s next is to actually create a new profile.

Create a New Profile

Tap on “Create New Profile” to create a new profile for your pet.  

From here, enter your pet’s name and then tap Continue.

Select the type of pet you have.  

They have all the normal options, such as cat and dog as well as some different ones, such as snake.

There is even a field for “Other” that you will have to type in anything else that isn’t on the list!

Add Photos

This part is essential for getting use out of this pet profile in the event your pet goes missing.  

Without photos, there’s not much chance of finding your pet.

In fact, you cannot create a pet profile without a picture.

So tap on “Add Media,” and you can add up to 5 snapshots.

Make sure these pictures are of good quality so you can get the most out of this pet profile function.

When all your photos are uploaded, tap “Continue.”

Add Additional Info

The next part of creating a profile is to enter any additional information.  

You can add facts like their gender or breed.  

You can even add other things in the “Useful Info” section.  

Some helpful information examples include pertinent medical information, distinct identifying markers, and even microchip numbers!

It’s best to fill this area up with facts. The more information, the more useful it could be!

Review Your Profile

After you tap “Continue” when you are done entering additional info, the app will show you an auto-generated lost pet message.

If your pet goes missing, this message will include all the information you entered into the profile.

Review it before you tap “Finish,” just to make sure it has all the facts you want to include.

Finding a Lost Pet

So what happens when Fido goes missing? Or when Mr. Tibbles sneaks out the window? Generate a Lost Pet Post!

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the profile for the pet that went missing in “My Pets”
  • Under the “Advanced Options” section, tap on “Lost Pet Post”

You can also tap on the “New Post” button in the bottom corner of your feed.

After you’ve generated a post, that message will send to those in your community, alerting them to your missing pet.

When you finally find your pet, you can update your post to message your community that Fido has been found.

Communication is Key

In the effort to find your lost pet, you can enable another feature of the Neighbor’s app in addition to your pet profile: contact me.

The “Contact Me” feature allows other users to contact you through the app without using any sensitive information such as your phone number, email address, etc.

You can turn the “Contact Me” feature on when creating your pet post.  

Once enabled, a person will be able to call or message you with any updates on your pet.

Given that digital security is extremely important to many, you do not have to enable this feature on your lost pet post and leave it turned off (or disable it at any time).

In Summary

Throughout the increasing developments in home automation, companies are finding more and more unique and niche functions to put in their products.

As the home automation market grows and grows, companies will start introducing new features to cater to a particular market in their user group.

In the case of Ring, since lost pets are a particularly large problem these days, whether it’s through owner mistakes, unfortunate accidents, or other issues, a feature was proposed to help in the solution: to re-unite more lost pets with their owners.

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