How To Connect Your Nest Hello to Google Home In 10 Easy Steps!


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Amongst the benefits of having smart technology, one of the most tailored is convenience. Remote access and control at our fingertips, quite literally, has helped ensure the comfort and safety of our homes at a distance. Google Home is one such platform that allows users remote access and control of certain appliances, for both comfort and entertainment. 

Now with the Nest Hello doorbell, you can keep track of security, visitors, and any activity on your doorstep. Now you can add your Nest Hello to Google Home with all your home connectivity necessities. Listed below are 10 simple steps to connect Nest Hello to Google Home. 

How Do I Connect my Nest to Google Home?

Follow these steps to connect your Nest to Google Home:

  1.  Set up your Nest doorbell
  2. If you have not already, download the Google Home application
  3. Open your Google Home app
  4. Find Nest Hello in Google Home under the works with google tab
  5. Connect your Nest Hello to WIFI
  6. Select the add button (has a plus symbol in a circle)
  7. Select add a device
  8. Select the tab works with Google
  9. Toggle the menu (that is in alphabetical order) down to Nest. 
  10. Once selecting Nest, allow the required permissions and capabilities based on what you want your Google Home to have access to.

 Further instructions can always be found at Google’s help site if you need them. If you are more of a visual learner, Kite Army has an excellent illustration video on YouTube. Now that your Nest is connected to your Google Home, it is a good idea to understand how the two work together. 

Why is this important you may be wondering? Understanding how your linked devices work together will be helpful in fixing any small problems that may arise. This information will also help you get acquainted with the advantages and features of having your Nest Hello connected to your Google Home.

How Does Nest Doorbell Work with Google Home?

By using Google Home at its access hub, you can now have remote control and monitoring with your Nest Hello as well as other features. Having the doorbell and Google home, you will be able to get a live stream view of what is happening at your door with a well-proportioned view. 

You can find sources online that describe some of the more up-to-date features of having Nest Hello connected to your Google Home following the July software update. Key features include having control of your doorbell chime and automated responses to visitors. 

Can Google Nest Talk to Google Home?

While Nest does not exactly “talk” to Google Home, the two can be coordinated and you will have access to your Nest Hello through the Google Home app. Google support says that Google Assistant can be enabled on your devices such as Google Home or Google Home Mini. 

Once the Google assistant is enabled, you will have access to several assistant capabilities. An example of such features is familiar face announcements. This feature announces through your Google Home speaker the person who is ringing your Nest doorbell if you have the person saved in familiar face detection. 

A great demonstration of this feature can be found on TK Bay’s YouTube video.

How Do I Connect Google Home Mini to Nest Hello Doorbell?

To connect Google Home Mini to Nest Hello Doorbell, similar steps will be taken as were taken with Google Home: 

  1. First, make sure your Nest doorbell is correctly installed and connected to WIFI. 
  2. Once you have done this, go to your Google Home app and find the add tab. 
  3. After adding your Nest, select the set-up device tab. 
  4. Scroll down and select the “Have something already set up?” tab. 
  5. Go to the search back at the top of the screen and search Nest. 
  6. When the Nest shows in your search, select it. 
  7. Follow the app prompts and you’re all set! 

If you would like to learn more about the Nest Hello, take a look at our article “Can You Install a Nest Hello Without an Existing Doorbell?”.


Google Home and Nest Hello doorbell are fully compatible. Once you get your Google Home or Google Home Mini connected with the Nest Hello doorbell, you will be able to enjoy excellent features for home monitoring and security. 

Some of the features you will get to use include visitor announcements and video displays from your doorstep. Now that you know to connect your Google Home to your Nest doorbell, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with custom security at your fingertips.

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