How to Connect Wyze Thermostat

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The days of professional, in-home thermostat installation are largely behind us—well, most of us anyway. New smart-thermostat innovations like the Wyze Thermostat have simplified the process of connecting to a smart home. However, it can still be problematic, especially if you’re unsure of how to get everything connected.

Since the process of connecting the Wyze Thermostat requires that you know which wires the device is connected to, we’ll cover the installation steps below, as well as how to connect the thermostat to Wi-Fi once you’ve identified the correct wires for installation.

Connecting the Wyze Thermostat to Wiring

Once you’ve determined that there is no power to the thermostat, carefully remove the old panel. Some panels are mounted with screws—through the panel and the trim fitting—and some are removable by grasping the corners or edges. Once you’ve exposed the wiring, check to see if any warning labels indicate your system is a high voltage system.

The Wyze Thermostat is not compatible with 120/240V systems and will have to be returned. Wyze has a return policy that you will find here. Be careful not to remove any wiring until you have taken a picture of the current setup.

If there is no blue wire connected to the “C” terminal, your home doesn’t have a common wire, and you will have to use the C-wire adapter that comes with the Wyze Thermostat. To install your C-wire adapter (CWA):

  1. Locate your control board, which is usually located behind your furnace panel or near your HVAC system. Take a picture of the wires so you can reference them.
  2. Remove each wire and label them with tape if you need something additional to remember each wire. You should have Red, Yellow, Green, and White.
  3. If there is no White wire, don’t sweat it. The Red wire can serve as Rc. Connect each wire from the control board to its corresponding terminal on the CWA.
  4. Now connect the corresponding wires from the CWA to your control board. Now you’re all set.
  5. Back at the thermostat, remove the wires from your old system—it’s best to use needle-nose pliers to easily grab each wire and remove it. Once every wire is removed and labeled, you can remove the trim or back panel, thread the wires through the Wyze back panel, and mount it with the supplied screws.
  6. Now you’ll simply reverse the process and reinsert each wire into its corresponding terminal on the Wyze Thermostat. Now you can snap your Wyze Thermostat onto the back panel after you’ve pressed any excess wires back into the hole.
  7. Flip your breaker switch back on, and your thermostat will power up and immediately go into pairing mode.

How to Connect Your Wyze Thermostat to Wi-Fi

When your thermostat powers up, it will show “Wyze” on the display. It is in pairing mode and ready to add to your network.

  1. Open the Wyze app and select the + symbol and then Add A Device.
  2. You’ll see a series of options from which you will select Home, followed by Wyze Thermostat.
  3. Now select Begin Preparation. The next section of the app will cover the installation process. We’ve already done this, so feel free to quickly tap through the screens until you arrive at a screen that directs you to Select the terminals with wires connected.
  4. If you don’t have a common wire, do not select C. Otherwise, select C, followed by the colors of the terminal that you selected. Reference the picture you took earlier if necessary.
  5. When you’re done selecting the connected wires, choose Next.
  6. Since you’ve already mounted your thermostat, choose Skip.
  7. On the next screen, the app will ask if you want to allow Bluetooth access. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on, then select Next.
  8. On the following screen, select Begin to start the pairing process.
  9. Once the thermostat is paired with your phone, select your Wi-Fi and enter the password for your network.

Now your Wyze Thermostat will connect to your network, and you can give it a name and start enjoying your new thermostat.

Final Thoughts

If you have issues with the Wyze Thermostat during setup, you can always refer back to the instructional stage of the setup process on your Wyze app. You can also contact Wyze Customer Service or join the Community to access forums for troubleshooting or offer help to other customers.

If you’re looking to purchase a new thermostat and need information on how to connect a Wyze Thermostat, you can always check your current thermostat to make sure it meets the compatibility standards that apply to all smart thermostats.

If you’ve already made the purchase, don’t forget that Wyze has a No Hassle, 30-day Return Policy that you can take advantage of for any reason.

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