How to Connect Sonos Roam Bluetooth

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A Sonos Roam is a popular wireless speaker system that can be moved around to make listening to music, podcasts, or any other audio effortless.  This device can be set up by downloading the app and then connecting the device through Bluetooth.

To set up your Sonos Roam, you must make sure you’ve connected the device to WiFi. From there, you simply power on the speaker by pressing down on the power button, wait for the pairing tone, and connect from the settings app on your phone.

Before you connect a device to the Sonos Roam, using Bluetooth, you will first need to set up the Sonos on WIFI.  This will allow it to later connect to Bluetooth.  Please read the below information to learn how to pair, disconnect, and reconnect a Sonos Roam.

Step by Step Guide to Pairing a Device with a Sonos Roam through Bluetooth

The first thing you will need to do before pairing a device is to make sure the Sonos Device is powered on and awake.  Next, you will need to connect the Sonos Roam to WIFI to set up the Sonos app.  After that, these steps can be followed to connect a device to Sonos Roam through Bluetooth:

  • Press and hold the power button located on the back of the Roam for 2 seconds and then release.  If this was done correctly, you should hear a pairing tone, and a blue flashing light should appear. 
  • Open Bluetooth on the device (phone, tablet, or computer) you want to connect to the Roam.  Under Bluetooth settings, you will select “Roam” from the device list.
  • The device should then connect to the Roam through Bluetooth, and if paired correctly, you will hear another tone, and the light should change from flashing blue to a solid blue.

If for some reason the Sonos doesn’t pair, recheck the Bluetooth setting on your device to see if it shows “connected” next to the Roam device in your Bluetooth settings.  If it is not connected, you should repeat the steps above to try to connect through Bluetooth again.  


Unable to Pair a Device with Sonos Roam Through Bluetooth

If you are unable to connect your device to Sonos Roam via Bluetooth and are seeing a message “Connection Unsuccessful” under the Bluetooth setting, then you can follow these steps to make sure a connection between your device and Roam can be made:

  • Make sure Roam is in Bluetooth mode by double checking that it is connected to WIFI and that the light is flashing blue.
  • Reduce the distance between the Roam and your device to see if they are then able to connect to each other.
  • Move the Roam and your device to another location of the home as there may be something else interfering with the Bluetooth connection. 
  • Check the power of the Roam device to make sure it is powered on and awake.

How to Pair a Different Device to Sonos Roam?

If you need to pair another device to your Sonos Roam you can easily do this by following the same steps for setting up an additional device.   

You will just need to go to the new device’s Bluetooth settings, and then make sure that you hit the Sonos Roam power button for 2 seconds or until you see the flashing blue light.  Once you see the flashing blue light the new device is ready to be paired.

How to Disconnect and Reconnect a device with Sonos Roam?

To disconnect a device from a Sonos Roam, you will first open the Bluetooth settings on your device and select “Roam” and then select “disconnect”.  On the Roam device, you can also hold down the power button on the back until the light turns solid white; this means that the roam is disconnected from Bluetooth.

To reconnect a device that has previously been paired with Sonos Roam you will need to go into Bluetooth settings on your device and select “Roam” to reconnect.  You will also need to make sure the Sonos Roam device pairing button is on by holding down the power button for 2 seconds.  The light will then turn solid blue and you will hear a tone confirming the devices are connected.


The Sonos Roam is a great speaker that can be easily connected to devices through Bluetooth.  

All you have to do to connect the device is hold down the power button on the back and then open the Bluetooth settings on your phone, tablet or computer to connect to the Sonos Roam. 

The Sonos Roam is extremely convenient and for this reason it is a great device to own to have a good quality and reliable sound for a variety of different occasions.  Once the initial pairing is done it can be easily reconnected and then disconnected, so if you have friends that want to use the speaker, they can easily connect to it as well.    

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