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How to Connect Kasa Spot to Wi-Fi

Last Updated Oct 10, 2021
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It is always exciting to get a new piece of smart tech for your home. Indoor smart cameras are especially great for keeping an eye on kids or pets while they play in another room. The Kasa Spot Indoor Camera is a great option; it is a great mix of affordable and functional and can connect to your Wi-Fi network so that you can view the live feed at any time.

Keep reading to learn more about the Kasa Spot Indoor Camera and how to connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Plugin Your Kasa Spot Smart Camera

Your new Kasa Spot Indoor Camera will come with everything you need to set it up. In the box, you will find your camera,  a power adaptor, and a 10ft cord, as well as mounting hardware. Plug in your Kasa Spot Cam with the provided cord and power adaptor into any outlet to power up your new smart camera and start the setup process. 

Download the Kasa Smart App

The Kasa Smart App is available for download in both the Android and Apple app stores. Once the app is downloaded, you will want to open up the app on your phone. On the starting page of the app, you will have the option to log in or create a new account. If you have previously set up other Kasa devices, you can use the same login. Once you have logged in, you are ready to set up your newest device.

Add a New Device to Your Kasa Smart App

Now that you are logged into your Kasa Smart account, the Kasa Smart App will allow you to see all of your existing Kasa Smart devices as well as set up new ones.

Select the plus button in the upper right-hand corner to add a new device. Then select “Cameras” within the device options and then “Casa Spot” for the specific camera you are setting up. This will initiate the connection process for your new Kasa Spot Camera.

Connect Your Kasa Spot to the Kasa Smart App

You will know your Kasa Spot camera is ready for setup when the Indicator LED is alternating orange and green. Next in the setup process, you will have to go into your phone’s Wi-Fi menu and join the Kasa Cam Wi-Fi network. This is a temporary Wi-Fi network that your Kasa Spot is producing for the setup process. Once the setup process is complete, this Wi-Fi network will disappear.

Connecting to the Kasa Cam Wi-Fi network will allow your new Kasa Spot camera to connect directly to your phone to finish the setup. Once connected to the Kasa Cam Wi-Fi network, return to the Kasa Smart app.

Select the Wi-Fi Network to Connect Your Kasa Spot

Now that your phone is connected to your new Kasa Spot, you will be able to select the Wi-Fi network you want your Kasa Spot to connect to within the Kasa Smart app. Select your Wi-Fi network and then enter the password for your Wi-Fi. The LED indicator light on your Kasa spot cam will flash red while working on connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Once your Kasa Spot camera is connected to Wi-Fi, the LED indicator light will switch to flashing green. The app will prompt you to complete the final steps of the setup process for your Kasa Spot.

How to Set Up Kasa Spot Cam

The final steps to set up your Kasa Spot once connected to Wi-Fi include:

  • Naming your new Kasa Spot Cam
  • Enable or Disable Activity Notifications
  • Mounting your Kasa Spot Cam
  • Firmware Updates
  • Installing SD Cards

Now your Kasa Spot Camera is fully set up and ready to provide live video from wherever you mounted it.

Your new Kasa Spot Indoor Camera can also be connected to Google or Alexa now that it is set up. This connection process can be done in your Google Home app or the Amazon Alexa app. Connecting your Kasa Spot to Google or Alexa allows you to be able to pull up your Kasa Spot camera feed on the smart displays in your house as well as integrate with the other smart tech you have.


The Kasa Spot Indoor Camera has a simple setup process, and the app is great at guiding you through each step. The LED indicator light on the front of your Kasa spot cam makes it easy to know what step of the connection process your Kasa Spot is at. 

Once set up, connecting your Kasa Spot to your Google Home App or Amazon Alexa App makes the Kasa Spot Cam integrate well with the rest of your smart home technology.

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