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How to Connect JBL Speaker to iPhone in 6 Easy Steps!

Last Updated Oct 18, 2022
JBL speaker in red light

After purchasing a JBL speaker, chances are you will want to test it out. Luckily, using your iPhone to play music through your JBL speaker is now easier than ever. So, how do you connect your JBL speaker to your iPhone?

  • Place the devices close together.
  • Power on the JBL speaker.
  • Press the speaker’s Bluetooth button.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  • Connect to your JBL speaker.
  • Change your device settings if necessary.

Below, we will guide you through the simple six-step process of connecting your JBL speaker to your iPhone. Keep reading to get ready to play music anywhere in no time.

How to Connect JBL Speaker to iPhone

Connecting your JBL speaker to your iPhone via Bluetooth is quick and efficient, allowing you to play music from your phone anywhere you go.

To connect your JBL speaker to your iPhone, you’ll first need to power your speaker on and press the Bluetooth button. Then, enable Bluetooth on your iPhone and connect to your JBL speaker. 

This pairing method is the same across all JBL speaker models. These include:

The only difference is that the names of the speakers will appear differently in your iPhone’s settings.

Below, we’ll discuss each of these steps in more detail to help you enjoy your new JBL speaker.

Place the Devices Close Together

To make the pairing process as simple as possible, you’ll need to place your speaker close to your iPhone.

Ideally, you’ll be working from your phone while the speaker is right next to you.

Doing this will ensure the devices are close enough to make the Bluetooth connection

Unlike other types of Bluetooth connections, pairing your JBL speaker with your iPhone does not require both devices to be connected to the same WiFi network.

However, making a network connection can be beneficial for subsequent activities, like playing music from a streaming platform.

Power on the JBL Speaker

The next step is to locate the power button on your JBL speaker. 

This button will either have a circle around a straight line, or a circle with a line running through the top.

Press and release the power button. The power button will light up, and the speaker will notify you that it is on with a quick tone. 

Press the Speaker’s Bluetooth Button

The next step is to locate the Bluetooth button on your JBL speaker. 

This will appear as the signature Bluetooth “B.”

Press and release the Bluetooth button. 

The speaker will sound the pairing tone twice, and the Bluetooth button will blink to let you know it is searching for a Bluetooth connection.

Enable Bluetooth on Your iPhone

Once the JBL speaker has begun searching for a device to pair with, take your iPhone and access the “Settings” app. 

Follow the steps below to pair your phone with your speaker:

  • From the main Settings screen, select “Bluetooth.”
  • Toggle Bluetooth on if it’s not already active.
  • Locate your JBL speaker in the list of available devices. It will typically show the same name as your speaker.

You can also enable Bluetooth on your iPhone before powering on your JBL speaker.

However, for the sake of preparing one device before moving to the next, setting up the speaker first is more efficient.

Connect to Your JBL Speaker

After you find your JBL speaker in the list of available devices, press on it to connect.

It should not take long for the pairing to complete.

Once your iPhone establishes a connection, the speaker will sound another tone to confirm.

If your iPhone does not connect to your speaker, check to ensure your iPhone is not connected to another device via Bluetooth.

If the phone is connected to another device, locate the other device and turn it off or disconnect from the device through your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.

Change Your Device Settings if Necessary

After your iPhone is paired with your JBL speaker, you may want to remain in your phone’s settings to customize the Bluetooth connection. 

Click the “i” next to the JBL speaker’s name in your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. 

If you wish, you can change the name your JBL speaker appears as in the Bluetooth settings. 

This may make it easier to locate your JBL speaker, especially if you have other JBL Bluetooth devices in your device list.

Final Thoughts

Connecting your JBL speaker to your iPhone is a very simple process. 

As opposed to some other devices, JBL ensures the process is as simple as possible. 

You will be ready to enjoy your new JBL speaker with just a few clicks.

The initial pairing between your iPhone and JBL speaker is the hardest part.

Once this initial pairing is complete, the two devices should connect automatically whenever the speaker is powered on and your iPhone’s Bluetooth capabilities are enabled.