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How to Connect Headphones to a PS4

Last Updated Nov 17, 2022

Sometimes, it seems like your technology puts up a fight when trying to pair headphones. It’s a struggle, despite it seeming like such a simple task.

If you’re among the many people wondering how you connect your headphones to your PS4, continue reading below.

What Kind of Headphones Can You Use With PS4?

Depending on your preference, you may prefer a wired option to connect to your controller, or you may want a wireless alternative to be hassle-free. Whatever option is best for you, we’ll break it down and go over them.

How to Connect Wired Headphones to PS4

So you want to use wired headphones with your PS4. For this option, it’s relatively simple. 

Take these steps depending on what size audio jack your headphones have:

  • Most headphones have a 3.5mm audio jack, which is what the Ps4 controller accepts. In this case, it’s as simple as plugging it into your controller. You may need to adjust your audio settings. 
  • If your headphone jack isn’t 3.5mm, there are adapters you can use to connect them. In this case, you would need to get a dongle to plug your lightning cable into, then you can plug your headphones in.

Now, let’s take a look at how to connect wireless headphones to your PS4.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to PS4

Depending on the brand of headphones you’re using, connecting them may be different. A few specific brands are compatible with PS4, while most other brands are not. We’ll go over the differences and how to connect them below.

Headphones Compatible with PS4

There are a few compatible headphone brands for PS4 listed on the Sony website.

They include:

These options will not require any kind of adapter or complicated steps.

There are two different ways to connect these headphones. See the table below to learn them:

Turn the headphones onPlug them into your PS4 using the charging cableIt should automatically pair with any of these brandsTurn them onPut the pairing mode onGo to the device setting menu on your PS4Go into the bluetooth menuThe name will come up so you can pair it manually

Now, let’s see how to connect non-compatible headphone brands to your PS4.

Non-Compatible Headphones for PS4

It can get a little more complicated for brands not listed as compatible. 

The most recommended method is to use a bluetooth adapter on your PS4. The TP-Link adapter has raving reviews and is very cost-effective, but there are dozens of options to choose from, including ones that come with a microphone adapter to your PS4 controller.

To pair, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Plug the adapter into any USB slot in your PS4
  2. Wait for the adapter to go into pairing mode
  3. Once this happens, you’ll be able to connect the headphones to the bluetooth adapter

Now you should be all set.

Common Issues When Connecting Headphones to PS4

Much like all of our electronics, sometimes errors occur. Be it human error, or a malfunction with your device, things don’t always work perfectly! These are some of the most common issues while using headphones, and how to fix them. 

Issues With Wired Headphones

The most common problem with wired headphones is straightforward; Make sure it’s fully plugged in. 

Here are some tips:

  1. There should be a slight clicking noise if it’s fully plugged in. 
  2. You can go to the device menu in the settings, then audio devices, and check if they’re completely connected. 
  3. If they aren’t, the volume bar will be grayed out.

Now, let’s see what issues may arise with wireless headphones when trying to connect them to your PS4.

Issues With Wireless Headphones

Many malfunctions are possible when using wireless headphones. Let’s go over them below.

Reset and Reconnect Your Headset

If you’re using one of the compatible options, try resetting your headset and attempting to connect it again. If that doesn’t work, you can also try resetting both your wireless router and your PS4 system. 

Check Your Headphone Adapter

If you’re not using a compatible headset, it could be an issue with the headphones or the adapter you use. 

Make sure your headphones are connected to the adapter and make sure the adapter is connected to the Ps4. Another option is to look for the troubleshooting or FAQ of the specific brand you have. 

Check Your Audio Settings

If your headphones aren’t working, check the audio settings to be sure they’re all set to default and not muted. You can also check the audio settings on the game you’re playing to be sure those settings are default as well.


Now you know everything you need to know about connecting headphones to your PS4 so you can enjoy your gameplay without needing to worry about audio connection.

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