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How to Connect Govee to Bluetooth

Last Updated Dec 18, 2022

The Govee smart home ecosystem can make life easier and more convenient by connecting all your smart devices to a single app on your phone.

To use your devices, Govee needs to be connected to Bluetooth. To do this, the app needs to be downloaded so it can search for the device and control it.

This article will provide detailed steps on how to connect your Govee devices to Bluetooth. Keep reading to learn how to both connect and troubleshoot your Bluetooth devices.

Get the Govee App

The first thing to be done to connect all your Govee devices is to download and set up the app.

The app will allow you to use your smartphone or tablet as a mobile controlling device for your smart home ecosystem.

To set up the Govee App, you need to:

  • Install the Govee Home App: Locate the correct app in your mobile device’s app store and download the latest version.
  • Create a Govee account: Set up an account using your email address and a secure password.
  • Log in: Once you confirm your account, you can log in.
  • Allow location access to the app: The app will request Location access. This setting needs to be enabled in your control device’s settings.

Once the app is set up, you can now begin adding your devices!

Connect your Govee Devices to Bluetooth

You will need to set up the Govee Home App to connect all of your Govee devices.

You can apply these steps to each of them:

  • Turn on Bluetooth and allow app access. Ensure the Bluetooth on your mobile device is on, and then enable Bluetooth access to the Govee app in your device’s settings.
  • Turn on your device. For your device to connect, it must have power.
  • Open Govee Home App, and click My Devices. Then, click the “+” symbol in the top right corner.
  • Search for your device. Search the product model of your device, which should be printed on it.
  • Connect. Wait for your device to connect.

Once your connection is successful, you can add another device with the same steps or begin controlling your device!

Troubleshooting Connection Issues

If your device is not connecting successfully or won’t stay connected to Bluetooth, there are some things you can do to try to fix this.

Bluetooth Range

The first thing to check if your device isn’t staying connected is the Bluetooth range.

This issue is quick and easy to correct. The Govee device must be less than 50ft from the control device.

You can shorten this range depending on obstacles between the device and the control device.

If there are connection issues, try moving the control device closer to the Govee device.

Check your Network

There may be connection issues if your home network is unstable or overloaded.

Check whether your home network is stable. If it is stable, you may need to check if there are too many devices for your home network to handle.

This interference can also cause your new connection to fail.

To check if there are too many devices on your router, try connecting your Govee device to another smartphone or tablet’s hotspot.

If it connects, you may need to remove other devices from your network.

Check Your Smartphone or Tablet

If your smartphone or tablet has a problem with its internal hardware, it can cause Bluetooth connectivity issues.

First, check the battery level on your controlling device. When the battery is low, Bluetooth will cease to connect.

Recharge the battery to reconnect. Once your device is charged, you can reboot your smartphone or tablet.

Be sure your device is updated to the latest OS and, if possible, check that you can maintain a Bluetooth connection with other devices.

Power Cycle Your Govee Device

If the connection issue is due to a minor bug, turning your Govee device off for about 10 minutes and then back on may fix the connectivity problem.

You can also reset the device without power cycling.

There is no harm in power cycling your device, so this is generally the recommended step to resolve minor device issues.


There are a number of great Govee products on the market, and having them all connected to a single app is one way to make them all work together seamlessly.

Govee devices need to be connected to Bluetooth. To do this, you need to have the app and search for it there.

The app makes it simple to connect these devices via Bluetooth and control them remotely.