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How to Connect Bose Smart Speaker

Last Updated Sep 24, 2021
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Bose has some of the most high quality, cutting edge smart speakers on the market. While this is fantastic for any audiophiles out there, having technology that is so multifaceted can come with it’s challenges. You have to connect your Bose to Wifi at the very least, but oftentimes also to a smart system and even other smart speakers. How exactly do you do this? 

If you’re trying to integrate all the smart technology you have in your home, and you want your Bose smart speakers fully connected, we’ve got you covered with a quick one stop shop of tutorials. Below we will first explain how to connect to the Wifi. Then we will move on to smart systems like Google Assistant or Alexa. 

Connect Bose Smart Speakers to WiFi

If you just got your Bose smart speaker, once you plug it in and let your app discover it, you simply have to follow the prompts of setup. They walk you through everything and eventually ask you what network you would like to connect to. That said, most people will need to connect to a new network or update their old at some point. 

Below we have outlined the steps to do just that, connecting your Bose smart speakers to WiFi in the settings: 

  • Enter setup mode: Entering setup mode is easy, it just requires you to put one finger over the aux and another firm against the play button. There should be a 5 second countdown followed by lights blinking on the speaker. 
  • Check for your speakers network on your mobile device: Use the same mobile device you have your app on to look for wifi signals by going to your phone’s network settings. 
  • Connect to the network: From here you just need to connect to the speaker’s network. The network you want to select is the one that is simply the name of the model speaker you have. It’s important you don’t hit the one that starts with Bose, unless you’re trying an alternative connection option. 
  • Complete the prompts in the Bose app: After you connect to the network, open up the Bose app. It should automatically start sending you a series of prompts to fully connect your bose app. Just select your home wifi on the network settings page. 

If this method isn’t working for you, alternatively you can try connecting your app directly to the speaker. To do this, you follow all the same steps above except you chose the network that starts with Bose instead. Also, you can use this method with a computer just as well as you can with your smart device. Either way you will return to the app and follow the prompts. 

Connecting with your Smart System

Bose smart speakers have the capability of connecting to cutting edge smart systems like Alexa and Google Assistant. Fortunately, connecting with either of these systems is quick and easy. Once you’re all set up you will be able to use features like your Alexa’s voice commands to communicate with your speaker anywhere in the house.

To connect to these systems you will need to make sure you have already connected all devices involved to the same wifi,as well as downloaded the SoundTouch App and signed into your account. Of course, it’s a given that you’ll also need the apps from Google or Alexa as well.  

Connecting with Alexa

Connecting to Alexa requires you to jump between apps a little bit, but otherwise it’s a fairly straightforward process. Below we’ve laid out the steps involved in connecting your Bose smart speakers to Alexa:

  • Activate speaker’s skills in your Alexa app: You’ll need to enable your Bose smart speaker’s skills in the Alexa app for them to work in conjunction. You can do this by simply going to the menu and scrolling down until you see it. On the skills page you can use the search bar to find Bose. When Bose comes up click on it and tap enable. 
  • Login to your Bose SoundTouch Account: After hitting enable, you should be greeted by a login screen that connects to your SoundTouch account. Enter in your usual information and login. 
  • Discover your smart speaker: After you login a prompt will come up that asks you if you want to discover new devices. Follow it. When it’s done it will give you a notification on how many devices it found, then a menu will appear where you can add any devices that have been.
  • Add your speaker: Now just tap the add icon and look for your speaker’s name. Once you select it, you’re all set and connected. 

Please note that for this process to work your speaker must be plugged in and ahead of time so it can be discovered. 

Connecting With Google Assistant

The process of connecting your Bose smart speakers to Google Assistant is unbelievably simple. Simply go into your Bose Music app’s settings and find “voice settings.” In voice settings you simply select Google Assistant and follow the setup prompts they give you. 

When you’ve made it through setup you should now be able to use Google Assistant with your smart speaker. If you have any problems however, just make sure that your Bose app is fully updated, as Google Assistant wasn’t always available for Bose smart speakers.  

Final Thoughts

Hopefully now getting your Bose speaker connected to all the modern fundamentals isn’t as confusing a task as it was before. Let’s just briefly review the main connections you need to make. 

You want to first connect to the wifi by either following the setup prompts or going into your app settings. Next it’s a good idea to integrate into a smart system like Alexa or Google Assistant. For Alexa, you’ll need to go into the app and discover your devices before you can connect, while google assistant can be quickly connected in your Bose music app settings.  

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