How to Connect Apple AirPods to a Westinghouse TV

Tossing up airpods with a screen in the backgroundTossing up airpods with a screen in the background

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You can connect your AirPods to your Westinghouse TV and direct the audio through the headphones. Now there’s no need to crank the TV up to full volume while you’re cooking or vacuuming in the background!

Several models of Westinghouse TVs come with Bluetooth audio output already built into the system so that you can conveniently connect your AirPods to the TV through the Bluetooth settings menu. With Non-Bluetooth TVs, you can still listen to audio through your AirPods, with the addition of a transmitter.

You are invited to continue to the sections below, where you’ll learn more about how this remarkable technology works. Connectivity issues are also addressed in the troubleshooting sections.

Change AirPods to Pairing Mode

You’ll need to make sure that your AirPods are in pairing mode before proceeding.

The process is straightforward, as long as your TV has Bluetooth audio output.

If not, then you will need to purchase a Bluetooth transmitter, which will be discussed under the “How To Connect AirPods to a Non-Bluetooth TV” section of this article.

This is how you activate the pairing mode in AirPods:

  1. Press & Hold the round button on the back of the charging case until the LED indicator blinks.
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings on the TV, and you should be able to see “AirPods” as one of the devices you can connect to.

More details on how to find the Bluetooth settings in your Westinghouse TV model and how to troubleshoot connectivity issues are included in the sections below.

Where are the Bluetooth Settings on a Westinghouse TV?

Some models of Westinghouse TVs have Bluetooth audio output, while others do not.

  • Models with Bluetooth audio output: Westinghouse Roku Smart TVs, such as the WR42FX2002
  • Models without Bluetooth: Westinghouse HD Smart TV, Westinghouse Android TV, Westinghouse UHD Smart TV, older models

Please be advised that the Bluetooth audio capabilities of each model change by the year.

For the most accurate specifications for your specific model, you are encouraged to visit the Westinghouse website to view the user manual for your TV.

How to Connect AirPods to a Roku TV

In a Westinghouse TV with Roku, the Bluetooth menu can be accessed from the settings menu that pops up on the left side of the screen.

From there, you will go to the “Remotes & devices” section of the menu.

  1. Select “Remotes & Devices.”
  2. You may already notice the AirPods under “My paired devices.”
  3. Otherwise, you can pair the AirPods by selecting “Setup a new device.”

Troubleshooting With Roku

If you are not receiving any audio in your AirPods, you may need to adjust the volume by using the TV remote.

You may also be out of range of your TV, your software may not be updated, or there may be some kind of interference in your area.

What is the Range of Apple AirPods?

If you are having trouble connecting to your TV, it could be because your Apple AirPods are out of range.

AirPod Bluetooth range depends on several factors:

  • Walls and floors may cause interference.
  • Microwave ovens, areas with lots of Wi-Fi activity, and wireless speakers can also cause interference.
  • Streaming audio will always be more of a challenge than playing media that is stored on your phone or another device.

This could be a problem if you are trying to listen to the game on the TV upstairs while you do your laundry downstairs.

Troubleshooting the AirPods

Sometimes your bad connection may be fixed by simply disconnecting your device and retrying the pairing steps.

How to Connect AirPods to a Non-Bluetooth TV

Even if your TV cannot support Bluetooth technology, you can still connect your AirPods to the TV.

This is feasible with the help of a device known as a Bluetooth transmitter.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An Audio/Optical cable is connected to the SPDIF/AUDIO port on the TV and the corresponding port on the transmitter.
  2. Turn on the transmitter and make sure it is on Transmit mode if the unit is a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver.
  3. Turn on your AirPod and pair it according to the pairing instructions for your specific headset and transmitter.

As soon as you start shopping around for Bluetooth transmitters, you’ll find plenty of variation in terms of features and pricing.

On the affordable end of the spectrum are simple options such as the Aisidra V5.0 Bluetooth Adapter.

More advanced transmitters, like the Avantree Orbit Bluetooth Transmitter, advertise wider compatibility with different TVs and pass-through technology that allows others in the room to still listen to the TV while listening to the audio on your AirPods.

Final Thoughts

In Westinghouse TVs with Bluetooth audio output already built-in, the process of connecting your AirPods to the TV is simple.

You just turn the AirPods to pairing mode and then select the device from the Bluetooth menu of the TV.

Even if your TV is a non-Bluetooth TV, you can receive audio through AirPods if you plug a Bluetooth transmitter into the TV.

These are affordable accessories that are described in further detail in the sections above.

For more general info on Airpod to TV connectivity, read here.

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