How to Connect Apple AirPods to a TCL TV?

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Is it hard for you to connect Apple AirPods to TCL TV, and do you want to know how to pair them in a breeze? Indeed, it is not a daunting task, but you would have to follow some fundamental steps to defeat this challenge in the next few seconds.  

The Apple AirPods can connect to a TSL TV by below process: 

  • Place Airpods in its case and let the lid open. 
  • Keep pressing the pairing button until the status light flashes.
  • On the TSL TV, select settings.
  • Choose Bluetooth in Remotes and Devices options.
  • Click on Airpods in the list. 

After this course, your AirPods will be connected automatically by slightly pressing the pairing button. If a connection does not establish successfully, there might be some issues behind it. Continue reading this post to address all of its related concerns right now!   

Why Won’t My AirPods Connect to My TV?

On average, AirPods cannot connect to TV because of the following reasons: 

  • Airpods have insufficient charging to establish a new connection
  • TV Bluetooth fails to discover Airpods for some reason

You can resolve the first issue by recharging your Airpods, but the next problem will require un-pairing and resetting the device.   

Can You Connect Airpods to Non-Apple TV? 

As a general rule, all TVs with Bluetooth support can connect to Airpods. However, both of these devices need pairing before working correctly. One can do it by: 

  • Make Airpods ready to pair by pressing the setup button for a few seconds
  • Select Airpods in TV’s Bluetooth search results

You might be wondering how easy it is to connect the Apple Airpods with a non-Apple, like TCL, TV with the help of Bluetooth Technology. Hence, you do not need any wires, like ordinary headsets, to use your TV without disturbing people around.

If this method does not work, check if your TV’s system permits connecting Airpods. However, you can pair them with devices Android, Chrome OS, and Windows operating systems. 

Moreover, connecting more than one pair of Airpods with the newer TV models is also possible. Once pairing a set of Airpods, you can connect more through Bluetooth by following a few steps method. You might also enjoy watching how to pair Bluetooth headphones to your TV.

How Do I Turn On Bluetooth on my TCL TV?

As a whole, one can turn on Bluetooth on most of the TCL TV series by following given below steps:

  • Swipe up to show all apps on the Home Screen. 
  • Open Settings and click on Connected Devices
  • Select connection preferences
  • Click on Bluetooth
  • Turn Bluetooth on to make the device visible 

In most cases, Apple Airpods fail to connect with TCL TV because Bluetooth cannot find the new device. If you face any such issue, go through the above process. 

Can I Connect My Airpods to My TCL Roku TV?

In general, one cannot connect Airpods directly to a TCL Roku TV. However, it is possible through following a different procedure, such as:

  • Install Roku app on the phone
  • Connect AirPods to smartphone
  • Open Roku App 
  • Connect phone with TV
  • Enable Private Listening option

Remember that it is the only way to connect your Airpods to a TCL Roku TV. Indeed, it will help you hear and enjoy your favorite music while other family members want to sleep or rest.  

If you want to enjoy the TV content and attend a call on your phone simultaneously, choosing AirPods can be a true blessing. As far as the sound quality is the matter, there is no better option than Apple AirPods.

Do All Smart TV Models have Built-In Bluetooth?

Most of the smart TVs of the current time have built-in Bluetooth to connect other devices, including the Apple AirPods. However, some old TV models, including TCL, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, and LG, do not include this technology. 

Most people cannot understand whether their TV device has Bluetooth support or not. For that sake, you need to look into the TV settings, select the sound option and then choose Sound Output. If the Bluetooth Speaker option pops up in the list, then it means that your TV includes this feature. 

If your TCL TV does not include Bluetooth support, you can still connect Bluetooth headphones by purchasing Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter for TV to Wireless Headphone.  

Final Thoughts

After reading this detailed post, you have gained all the information about how to connect the Apple AirPods with TCL TV and what to do if the AirPods are unable to pair for some reason. There are no hard and fast rules that you need to follow for connecting the device successfully. Just make sure that Bluetooth on your TCL TV is on, and it can discover new devices.   

For your convenience, we tried to address all relevant concerns so you can pair your TV and Airpods without any trouble at all. Follow the above procedures to have the best quality sound experience on your AirPods. 

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