How to Change Your Caller ID Name on Android [ANSWERED]

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Changing your color ID on your Android device is a great way to let people know you arecalling. Otherwise, it will only display your cell phone number with no relevant information.

Please continue reading to learn how to change your caller ID name on your Android device. People are more likely to answer your caller ID when you change your caller ID.

What is Caller ID?

A caller ID shows people who are calling them before they answer the phone.

Some caller IDs only display a phone number without a name attached.

You can also privatize your caller ID so people don’t know who or where you’re calling from.

However, people are less likely to answer the phone when they use a private caller ID.

It can take up to three days for your caller ID update to go through.

Unfortunately, this process is not as instantaneous as we’re used to.

If people don’t see the name of the person calling, they’re unlikely to answer the phone.

Many people receive tons of spam calls daily and avoid cell phones because of this fact.

Why Changing Your Caller ID Would be Beneficial

People have several reasons why they would like to change their caller ID.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, updating your contact information is a good idea.

  • People are more likely to answer the phone when you have your name and number attached to your phone calls. When it’s only your number, they might not answer.
  • If you own a business changing your caller ID to your business name is a great way to instill trust in your customers. This gives your business a professional look.
  • People use alternative ways to change their phone numbers, so having a caller ID can assure people that you’re calling from a legitimate source.

Personalizing your contact information is a great way to encourage people to answer your phone calls.

When people do not know who’s calling, they don’t always feel comfortable answering the phone.

This is also a great way to let people know who you are after you’ve changed your phone number.

People will see your name and still answer when you call, even if you’re not in their contacts.

How to Change Caller ID on Android

Fortunately, changing your outgoing caller ID on an Android device is easy.

Follow these steps to personalize your phone calls.

  1. Open the phone application on your Android device.
  2. Click the three-dot icon under your phone application in the top right corner.
  3. Click on the settings menu.
  4. Click call settings.
  5. Click additional settings.
  6. Click caller ID.
  7. Enter the caller ID you want.
  8. Confirm your entry.

After completing this process, it could take three days for your phone company to make these adjustments.

So, if you call someone right after changing your caller ID, they still will not see your name.

They will only see your phone number.

Change Caller ID For Incoming Calls on Android

You can also change the wave phone calls look when you receive them.

If you want to add a name to the people that call you, you’ll have to enter their contact information.

  1. Open the contacts application
  2. Click “add contact”
  3. Enter your contacts phone number
  4. Choose the name of your contact
  5. Confirm your information

You don’t have to make your contact’s name their actual legal name.

You can have fun with your friend’s and family’s contact information.

If you receive phone calls from people often, you should add their contact information to your phone, so you know who’s calling.

Using Third-Party Apps to Change Caller ID

You can hide your contact information using a third-party application if you don’t want the person to know who’s calling.

Even though you can hide your phone number by restricting it through your service provider, people can still figure out who you are.

When you use applications through a third party to change your caller ID, people won’t know that you’re the person behind the phone call.

You’ll need to download your preferred application and follow its instructions to complete this task.

Final Thoughts

Changing your caller ID is a fantastic way to ensure more people answer your phone calls.

This applies to businesses and individuals that need to make important calls to people.

If you’re calling from a number without a name attached to it, people might think you’re a spam caller using an application to disguise your identity.

You can also change incoming caller IDs by adding them to your contacts list so you always know who’s trying to get a hold of you.

Changing your caller ID to your or your business’ name is also a great way to come off as a professional when you own a company.

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