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How to Change the Owner on the August Smart Lock (and Remove Devices)

Last Updated Aug 23, 2021
Person using smartphone with August smart lock.

Smart technology in the home allows many people to enhance their security and connect multiple devices in new and innovative ways. The August Smart Lock is no different. This keyless entry solution can be the beginning of your Smart Home journey. If you’re new to the smart technology game, we’ve got some answers to your frequently asked questions about managing your smart lock.

How do you change the Owner of the August Smart Lock? Inside the August app, you can change a Guest to an Owner and update other settings with the Guest List menu.

Learn more about the August Smart Lock and its Access Levels, and what to do when you might be considering selling or giving away your smart lock by reading on.

What Is the August Smart Lock?

The August Smart Lock is a keyless entry device that turns your smartphone into a virtual lock for your front door. It allows you to lock and unlock your door remotely and keep track of who enters and exits your home—no matter how far away you are.

August Smart Lock installation is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to install on the inside of your door, and it’s compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts. No complicated construction is necessary.

August offers both the Smart Lock and the Smart Lock Pro. These devices allow you to give temporary access to enter your home to friends and family members. Choose access for a few hours or even a few weeks! The choice is yours, and the control is literally in the palm of your hands.

The August app allows you to have 24/7 status updates on your home to make sure your door is not only closed, but locked securely. It’s a great resource to solve the issues of frequently stolen or lost keys.

The August app is available on iOS and Android smartphones. And, it’s compatible with many other smart home devices like the Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and Amazon Alexa.

Changing the Owner on Your August Smart Lock

Home security is crucial to keeping individuals and families safe. You want to make sure strangers and dangerous invaders do not have easy access to the inside of your home. Many homeowners are purchasing and installing smart locks for their home, like the August Smart Lock, to ensure they know who is entering their home and when.

This is a great tool for parents who need to make sure their kids are safe while they’re at work. Kids can easily forget or lose their keys, so the Smart Lock helps avoid getting locked out in the cold.

It’s a great option for working professionals who can only get service done on their home during the weekday’s business hours. Or, it’s a great option for those who are prone to losing their keys. (We don’t judge!)

The August Smart Lock allows the Owner to manage a Guest List, with each member having their own permissions and access.

Permissions: Owner vs. Guest

Before you start creating your Guestlist and adding permissions on your August Smart Lock, it’s crucial to understand how user accounts work. The August Smart Lock allows you to choose from two access levels for your guests and family: Owner and Guest. Each role has different permissions and access to certain features on the August app.

The Owner of the August Smart Lock can:

  • Use the August app to lock and unlock the door
  • Invite and remove guests and other owners
  • Control lock settings
  • View the door’s activity feed (when the door was opened, when the door was locked, etc.)
  • View the Guest List
  • Access Auto-Unlock (the door will automatically unlock when it senses you and your smartphone are approaching the door)
  • Remotely operate the lock via August Connect

Guests can use the August app to lock and unlock the door. However, they do not have permissions to perform tasks the Owner can like using Auto-Unlock, inviting other users, and viewing the activity feed. This is important to remember when you’re deciding which household members or family can access Owner capabilities.

Changing a Guest to an Owner

If you want to change a regular user on your August Smart Lock Guest List to an Owner, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the August app, select the Guest icon on the lower right-hand side.
  2. Choose the Guest you want to edit.
  3. Change the Access Level from Guest to Owner.
  4. Tap Update to save your changes.

The user will now appear as an Owner on your Guest List. They will have the same permissions as you, the original Owner. You can always change them back to a Guest at any time.

Adding a Guest to Your Guest List

With the August app on your smartphone, you can add whoever you like to your Guest List. This gives them permission to enter your home if you happen to be away. This is a great tool for inviting friends and family to your home while you’re out. It’s also a great option to secure entry for service providers like an electrician or plumber while you’re out of the home.

Adding a new Guest to your Guest List is just as simple and easy as changing the Owner. To add a Guest, send him or her an invitation to download the app. This will give them access to your home based on the permissions you set.

Guests will, of course, need to have a compatible smartphone to access the August app, which is available on iOS and Android.

Follow these steps when adding a new Guest:

  1. In the August app, select the Guest icon on the lower right hand side.
  2. Select Invite and choose whether you’d like to type in your guest’s phone number or choose from your Contacts.
  3. Once you choose their Access Level (Guest or Owner), tap Send Invite.

Your Guest will get a text notification that includes a link to download the August app. After they download it, they’ll have three options for signing in. They need to choose the button that says “I received an Invite.” This option will add your lock to their keychain and they’ll be added to your Guest List.

Removing a Device from Your Account

When you move or if you decide to give your device to someone else, you’ll need to remove yourself from managing the August Smart Lock. If you decide to remove an August Smart Lock device from your account, simply tap on the lock in the keychain inside the August app.

Inside your Guest List, select the contact you’d like to remove, then choose Remove Self. The app will ask you to verify that you want to move the user—yourself—from the device.

If you are one of many owners of the lock, you can follow these same steps to remove yourself. The only difference is that you’ll select Remove User. You can only do this if there is another Owner on the lock.

If you are the only owner, however, you’d need to perform a factory reset on the device.

Keep Your Home Secure—and Smart!

In this mobile and digital age, there are endless options for homeowners to grow their smart home capabilities. It’s now possible to control almost every appliance or electronic device in your home with your smartphone. Visit the August Smart Lock site to learn more about their devices and the possibilities you have when it comes to connecting other devices.

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