How to Change the Owner of Nest Protect

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The Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm is a Google product that detects smoke and carbon monoxide in the house. It can only be registered to one Google or Nest account. If the device owner is changed, you must also change the account linked to it.

You can change the owner of Nest Protect by factory resetting the device and removing it from the previous account. From there, it can be linked to the new owner’s account.

This piece will take you through all the steps required to change ownership of your Nest Protect.

Perform a Factory Reset

Changing the owner of Nest Protect is done in two steps, which include factory resetting the device and linking it to the new account. The point of this is to remove all data related to the previous user. To reset Nest Protect, you need physical access to the device itself. You can’t do the reset from the app. If the devices are already installed, remove them to reset.

  • Press and hold the button on the Nest Protect. The device will chime and glow a blue light. Continue holding down the button.
  • When the device starts saying its version number, release the button.
  • The device will perform a verbal countdown and tell you that it is carrying out a factory reset.
  • After a few seconds, the device will reset to factory settings.

After this reset, the Google or Nest account linked to the device will be reset, and all the previous owner’s data will be erased.

Link the Nest Protect to a New Account

After the reset has been carried out, it is time for the device to be linked to the network and account of the new owner. To set up, you need the Nest Protect, your home’s WiFi network, the password to the network, a phone or tablet installed with the latest version of the Nest app, and a Nest or Google account.

Put the Nest Protect Near Your WiFi Router

Place the device near the router to make setting up easy and fast. Don’t pull the battery tab yet, as the app will give you instructions for when you need to. If you are changing the owner of multiple Nest Protects, set them up at the same time.

Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth on your Mobile Device

You need active WiFi and Bluetooth connections to connect your phone to the Protect. Ensure that the WiFi network is the same one that you are connecting the Protect to.

Get the Nest App

Go to Google Play Store on Android or Apple App Store on iOS to download the Nest App. A quick search will bring it out in the results. If you already have the app installed, ensure that it is the latest version. If it isn’t, check for updates and install the updated version.

Sign In To Your Account

The next step is to sign into your account in the Nest app. If you don’t have an account, use the Create an account option. But if you do, use Sign in and input your login details.

Add Protect to the App

If the Protect is the first Nest Product you are adding to the account, tap Add new on the App home screen. Then, follow the on-screen instructions. If you already have some Nest products connected to the account, go to Settings and then Add product.

Scan the Protect’s QR Code

When you use either of the latter two options to add Protect to your account, your phone will turn on its camera. You’ll see the trademark QR scanning tool on the phone screen. Use it to scan the QR code at the back of the Nest Protect. From the QR code, the app will automatically recognize that you are adding a Protect and start a proper setup guide.

Do note that there is a 6-digit key you’ll see next to the QR code at the back of the Protect. It is called an entry key, and you can write it down to use for setup whenever the device is removed from the app.

Set Protect Location

Next, pick a location the Protect will be in the list of rooms in the app. When giving you notifications in cases of heads-up alert or emergency alarm, this is the name of the room the Protect will speak.

Pull Out the Battery Tab

Remove the blue tab at the side of the Protect. The device will greet, and the light on it will start glowing blue. If you have already pulled out the blue tab and the device is no longer glowing blue, just press the button to wake it up.

Connect Protect to WiFi

Check the list of available WiFi networks in the app and select the one you want to use. If you already have some Protect connected to the Nest app, the new Protect will automatically connect to both the WiFi and the other Protect.

Choose Pathlight Settings and Finish Set Up

Pathlight is a feature that lets the Protect light up the dark. You can choose to have it on, off, or always on. Once you do all these, the Protect will connect to the internet and show in the Nest app. Its light ring will turn green. After this, you have successfully changed the owner of the Nest Protect.


Whenever the owner of a Nest Protect device is changed, it should also be factory reset to clear any of the previous user’s data. Thankfully, resetting the device and changing the user account is simple and only takes a few easy steps.

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