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How To Change The Owner Of Nest Mini

Last Updated Jan 23, 2023

Let’s face it, some of the best smart home devices, like the Nest Mini, can be an expensive investment. So, it can be super exciting when a friend offers to give you one of them free. You will likely want to set it up immediately. While Google makes most setup scenarios a breeze, the setup of a previously owned device can get tricky.

If you have a hand-me-down Nest Mini, you may see an error message during the setup process. As a result of this message, you will be alerted that the Nest Mini is connected to another account. It is possible that you do not know what to do next at this point. If you want to find out how you can change the owner of a Nest Mini, keep reading.

No Place Like Home

The Nest Mini is an amazing little home assistant with a small footprint but big capabilities. It is easy to call upon Google with this discrete smart home aid anywhere in the home. If you have gotten one from a friend, it is exciting to set it up. But, if it was connected to a previous home, you may get an error resulting in the question, how do I change the owner of the Nest Mini?

To change the owner of the Nest Mini, the new owner will either need to contact the previous owner to have them remove it from their Google Home App or create a new home for the Nest Mini to be situated in for their use.

You can be intimidated by the setup process if you have never dealt with a Google smart device before. Do not panic; we have the steps you need to take to change the owner and set up your new Nest Mini below.

Call The Previous Owner

If you received your Nest Mini from a friend or family member who no longer needed it, you could likely start the process by giving them a call. 

Simply ask them to please delete the device from their Google Home App in its entirety and let you know when it is done. Once the device is deleted, the error prompt you see will disappear, and the setup will continue as usual.

You may also have to reset your Nest Mini in this process, especially if you’re giving it away.

If you do not know the previous owner of the Nest Mini, all hope is not yet lost. You will need to create a new home for the Nest Mini on your Google Home App. Once this is done, you can continue with the setup process. We outline how this is done below.

Open The Google Home App

The first step in the process requires you to grab your smartphone and open up the Google Home App. If you have never used a Google smart device, then you will need to download this app on your phone. You will then need to create or link a Google account for it to operate appropriately. It will scan the home automatically for any Google Device to pair.

Allow it to finish setting up. This will be your hub for all your smart home devices from Google. You will be able to change device settings, adjust alerts and notifications, and view any errors a device is having.

Select Set Up A Device

Once you have entered the Google Home App, you need to find the prompt that allows you to set up a device. Once you do, tap it so that you can enter the menu. This is the area in which you will begin to create a new home for your hand-me-down Nest Mini.

Select Create A New Home

Before you can continue with the setup process, you will need to answer the question about which home you would like to add the device to. 

In this case, you will need to select create a new home. This will allow the Nest Mini to recognize that it no longer belongs to the previous owner and operate under the new home.

Select the Nest Mini You Want to Add

Once you have selected create a new home, you must find the device you want to pair to the app. In this case, it is the Nest Mini. The Google Home app will automatically scan for any Google devices in the area. This will make it so the Nest Mini pops up automatically as a selection. When it appears, tap the Nest Mini to continue the process.

Input Your WiFi Information

After you have selected the Nest Mini, you will need to set up the WiFi connection it will be using to function inside the new home. 

The Nest Mini cannot function without WiFi. It is important to have a good quality router and modem to get the best signal strength for the Google Home products to work their best. Enter your WiFi info and continue to the last step.

Tap Confirm

Last but not least, once the WiFi is properly set up and logged into, you must select the Confirm button when it appears on the screen. This solidifies the connection to the new home. This will allow the Nest Mini to begin working and help you with all your voice prompts inside your home.

Home Sweet Home

Once the Google Nest Mini is connected to its new home, you will no longer encounter issues and error messages. You can enjoy the full use of the Google Nest mini and all the perks of a hands-free assistant.