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How to Change Ownership of a Zoom Account

Last Updated Dec 11, 2021
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Zoom provides an amazing way to carry on classes and meetings when the group cannot meet in person. If you have ever been a member of a zoom meeting, you know the simplicity of joining a meeting and allowing someone else to take control of the room’s function. The person controlling the organization of the meeting is the owner of the account.

You are the owner of a zoom account and want to transfer it, or someone else may want to make you the owner of the account. The good news is that changing ownership is quite simple, but the current owner must do it.

Changing Ownership

If you decide it is time to switch ownership of a Zoom account, it is a relatively simple process and only requires a few clicks and, of course, the acceptance from the person you are switching ownership to. Follow these steps to change ownership of your Zoom account.

  1. The first thing the account owner will need to do is log into the current account. Remember, the owner can only do this.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will need to go to the account management tab.
  3. Find the change owner option, which is located under the account profile.
  4. You will then be prompted to enter the new owner’s email address.
  5. After clicking change, the ownership is officially transferred.

Once you decide to change ownership, you will no longer invite members to the group, and you have given up control of the account.

(Source: Zoom)

Why Are There Different Titles in Zoom?

You can assign three different titles to members when a Zoom account is created.

Owner: The account owner oversees everything that happens within the group. They can assign people to the other roles in the group. They are also able to invite people to join the group.

Administrator: The owner can assign the administrator’s task to a group member. The administrator can manage groups and group settings.

Member: A group member does not have any control over what goes on in the group. A group member can join the group and participate, but they cannot invite others.

Why Would You Want to Change Ownership?

You wonder why you would want to change ownership of a Zoom account. There are many different reasons you may need to change ownership of a Zoom account. Some of the reasons people want to change ownership are:

  • Leaving your current position
  • Unable to fulfill the duties of a meeting owner
  • No longer a part of the group

There may be other reasons you would want to change ownership of a Zoom account, but these are the most common. When you change ownership, make sure the other individual is willing to take on the task of owning the account.

Changing Ownership During a Meeting

You do not want to change ownership of the entire zoom account, but just for the duration of a meeting. It is completely possible to change ownership with a few simple steps during a meeting.

  1. Edit an online seminar or meeting
  2. Find the Schedule for the option.
  3. Choose the person you would like to pass ownership of the meeting to.

Once the meeting has been transferred to the correct person, they will have the ability to control every aspect of the meeting, just like the account owner. When the meeting is over, the individual will no longer have control over the account.

(Source: SNC)

Can A-Zoom Account Have More than One Owner?

A-Zoom account can only have one designated owner. While the owner can assign tasks to others, only one person can control all aspects of the account. If you are the owner of a Zoom account and do not think you can handle all the work that goes along with it, it would be wise to assign more than one administrator. (Source: OSU)

How Can Multiple Administrators Help in a Zoom Account?

Adding multiple administrators to a Zoom account can help the owner maintain efficiency. Instead of completing all the work as one person, it becomes much easier to delegate tasks and jobs to others. Each administrator is responsible for running a specific meeting or class each day or week. Instead of constantly needing to start and stop meetings, you can control individuals.

When there is a lot of activity on a Zoom account, it is much more effective and simpler to share the job with others. Like anything, Zoom can become overwhelming if you try to do too much by yourself.

Final Thoughts

Zoom ownership can be quite overwhelming and time-intensive. Because of this, you may be considering switching ownership over to someone else. It is easy to switch ownership for the entire account or just one meeting. Once ownership is switched over, you lose control of the account.

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