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How To Change Nest Cam Wi-Fi

Last Updated Jun 15, 2022
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The Nest Cam gives you the ability to watch your home 24/7 from your phone and gives you proper alerts as needed. Making sure that you have control over your Nest Cam and the Wi-Fi is important to your security. Having this setup properly ensures that you are capturing everything you need without interruption. 

Access the Google Home App and tap on the Nest Cam. Press the Settings gear in the upper right corner. On this menu screen, press Forget Wi-Fi, and it will guide you through the steps of locating the Wi-Fi you wish to connect. 

When moving to a new location it is always best to disconnect from the previous home Wi-Fi so it will be easier to connect at your new location. WE will be going over the steps on how to achieve this below.

How Do I Change The Wi-Fi On My Nest Camera 

The first thing you want to check is that you are getting a stable and steady connection from your internet to ensure that the Nest will work seamlessly. This step is really good to get out of the way first. If the Nest needs to be troubleshot for any reason you can eliminate your Wi-Fi connection as an issue.

Google Home App

The newer models of the Nest Cam have all switched from using the Nest App to the Google Home app. The Google Home App is the main location you can see all of your smart devices connected. These detailed steps below will get the Wi-Fi changed on your Nest Cam:

  • Open the Google Home app and click on your Nest Cam product 
  • Locate the Settings gear in the upper left corner of the screen. 
  • Scroll down until you see an option for Wi-Fi
  • Click Forget
  • The Nest Cam is no longer connected to the previous network. In that same Wi-Fi menu option, you can now connect to the network of your choice. 

How Do I Reset My Nest Camera Wi-Fi?

Resetting the Wi-Fi can come into play if you wish to no longer have any previous Wi-Fi settings on your Nest Cam. Resetting the Wi-Fi will also reset the entire device to factory settings. 

If you wish to reboot your Nest Cam and preserve all settings, perform a restart. It is best to save any content you want from the Nest Cam first before doing a complete factory reset. Here are the steps to complete a factory reset of your Nest Cam:

  • Nest Cam (Wired, Battery. Floodlight)

Nest Cam

  • Locate the reset pin on the back of the camera 
  • Hold down the button for 12 seconds, when you see a yellow light you can release it. 

Google Home App

  • Using the Google Home app click on the Nest Cam
  • Click on the Settings gear 
  • Click Remove Device 
  • Nest Cam (Indoor, Outdoor, Dropcam, IQ)
    • Using the Nest app press Settings 
    • Press Remove Device 

Newer Nest devices have migrated to using the Google Home app. Previous generation devices are using the Nest app. Google has a support link located here that can tell you what app you need for the Nest Cam product you are using. Google does say that once a device is set up in the Nest app it will appear in the Google Home app as well. 

When adding additional Nest Protect devices to the Nest App, it will connect to the Wi-Fi that is set up on the app. If you need to update the Wi-Fi you can simply tap on Wi-Fi connection in the settings and join a new network. 

Can Nest Cameras Be On Different Wi-Fi?

Google Home can allow you to create different homes within the app. These Homes mean that the device you are connecting is in a different location than the others. A perk of this would be if you have different properties, you can separate them using Homes and have the option to have each Home on a separate Wi-Fi network.

Each Nest Cam can be put on different W-Fi networks and all be managed from one app. You simply switch between homes in the app to see your connected devices. Homes can be labeled for organization purposes and to easily see which device you are controlling. 

How Do I Connect My Nest Protect To A New Wi-Fi?

The Nest Protect is a smart smoke alarm with a built-in CO2 sensor. You can control custom features directly from the app. This device can only connect to the Nest App.

You may need to connect your Nest Protect to another Wi-Fi if you have moved to a new house or switched to a different internet company. Here are the steps to take to get your Nest Protect setup on a new Wi-Fi connection:

  • Open the Nest App and tap the Settings gear
  • Press the Nest Protect and under Device Options, click Wi-Fi connection
  • The Nest will now look for available Wi-Fi networks, once you find the one you want, click on it and connect.


Connecting the Nest Cam and the Nest Protect is very simple. Use the appropriate app whether that is Google Home or Nest App and follow the steps to connect your device to the network. Google makes it possible to control these devices remotely and have the ability to use them on multiple Wi-Fi networks.

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