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How To Change MAC Address On iPhone?

Last Updated Jan 23, 2023
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Changing your MAC Address on your iPhone is useful in many ways but how can you do this? You can do this in four simple steps in the settings of your app. Continue reading to learn how.

  1. Go To Wi-Fi In Settings

First, you will want to go to your settings on your iPhone and find Wi-Fi. It should be one of the first options to find so you don’t have to do any scrolling.

wifi highlighted
  1. Click On “i” Icon Next To The Connected Network

You should be connected to a Wi-Fi network. If not, you need to connect to your network and then come back to this step. Click on the “i” icon next to the network you’re connected to.

arrow pointing to i
  1. Choose “Private Wi-Fi Address”

A new option menu will open up. About mid-way down, there will be a “Private Wi-Fi Address” option. Turn it on and confirm that you want to do so.

private wifi address highlighted
  1. Reconnect To Wi-Fi

When you private your Wi-Fi address, it will disconnect you from the network. You will need to reconnect again and you have now randomized your MAC Address.


It only takes these 4 simple steps to get your MAC Address changed. You can do it in a matter of minutes and it will add a little more privacy to your phone so networks don’t track you!