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How to Cast to My Toshiba TV – 9 Solutions to Try

Last Updated Feb 18, 2022
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Smart TVs are everywhere nowadays, and with that is the ability to transfer the screen from one device to the television itself. Not only is it cool, but it can help display the media on a bigger monitor to share with family and friends. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t always clear how to cast media from one device to that nice TV. Keep reading to find out possible ways to cast a Toshiba TV from another device.

Ensure Stable Wi-Fi Connection

When casting media from your device to your Toshiba television, the first thing you should do is to ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is stable on both devices. 

Please make sure both of them are connected to the internet through Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth or a hardline. It’s easy to forget, especially if there is a new device or the internet connection has been spotty.

Turn On Screen Mirroring

Both the TV and the casting device need to be told to communicate with each other. The device will essentially need to tell the TV that it will be displaying imagery.

Here is how to turn on screen mirroring:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Go to the TV’s Input Menu
  • Select “Screen Mirroring”
  • Establish a connection with the desired device

You will need to confirm the connection between the device and the TV from that point. How you do this may vary depending on their settings. 

Casting from a Computer

Casting from a computer is great for many reasons. Suddenly a presentation can be put onto a larger screen for others to see while controlled from afar, or when that lonely stream becomes a family affair. 

Install the Desktop Apps

Windows and Mac both have desktop apps to cast the screen from the computer to a Toshiba Smart TV within their respective App Stores. They’re free, easy to install, and make screencasting simple.

Add Device Under Connected Devices

Once the TV is set up and connected to the computer, it should appear under Connected Devices in the settings menu. 

From here, follow these steps to cast the media to the TV screen:

  • Select “Add Device”
  • Select the Toshiba TV from the dropdown menu

At that point, the laptop should immediately mirror the television.

Use the Project Feature

Windows 10 has a feature that allows the device to be connected to a projector. It’s the same process to cast to a Toshiba TV. This allows media casting either through wired or wireless means.

Here is how to utilize this feature:

  • Open “Display Settings”
  • Select “Project”
  • Select the preferred casting method

There are little icons and casting methods to help show what each does or to disconnect from the cast.

Cast to Device

Some programs have a built-in option to cast to another device–right-click what needs to be cast first and see if there is a “Cast to Device” option. If so, follow the prompts, and it should cast directly to the selected connected device.

If All Else Fails, Try an HDMI or VGA Cable

Sometimes the internet is too spotty, or it’s just too frustrating to figure out why the computer and the TV aren’t talking. In these instances, it might just be easier to plug in an HDMI or a VGA cable and connect the devices that way.

Click here if you want to learn more ways to use your Toshiba TV. 

Casting from a Mobile Device

Casting from a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet is also simple, but it doesn’t have the option to fall back onto a wired connection. Therefore, it is extremely critical that the devices are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Install the App

There is an app for everything nowadays, including casting media to a Toshiba TV. This is the simplest way to cast media from a mobile device to a television.

Here are some apps that you can use to cast:

Chances are, when it comes to a mobile device, it will fall to the app. Some are set to connect easily with the TV, while others are generic and use QR codes to help connect.

Use a Google Chromecast Device

If it comes down to it, the Google Chromecast Device is a piece of equipment that will attach the TV to the same network as the device to connect as well. Once set up, it can help cast media to the TV from any other connected device.


Casting media from a device to a Toshiba TV is simple. There are apps for everything or built-in functions to get media from one device to another. The most important thing to note is that it will likely require a stable internet connection. If that isn’t feasible, a TV and a computer can be wired together with either an HDMI or a VGA cable which will do the same thing.