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How to Cancel HBO on a Samsung TV?

Last Updated Jan 1, 2022
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With the explosive growth from companies such as Netflix and Hulu, many different streaming providers have come into circulation competing in the market. It’s no wonder that people have difficulty choosing which ones to subscribe to. In contrast, the plethora of choices makes them easy to rack up; how can you cancel them just as quickly.

It is possible to cancel HBO right through the Samsung TV or your internet browser; it just depends on your personal preference on the route you take. This article dives into detail on navigating canceling HBO on both your Samsung TV and web browser.

Companies broadcast certain shows or movies on their streaming service, compelling consumers to watch specific content. A prime example of this is when The Office was removed from Netflix, creating an uproar from consumers already subscribed to Netflix since they would have to subscribe to yet another service if they wanted to continue watching.

How to Cancel HBO on a Samsung TV?

Luckily for content lovers, it is possible to cancel HBO directly from a Samsung TV. There are different avenues to take, and depending on the model, try these step-by-step instructions.

1. Go to your Samsung account.

  • For a 2015 model, go to Menu > Smart Hub > Samsung Account
  • For a 2016 model, go to Settings > System > Samsung Account
  • For a 2017-2021 model, go to Settings > General > System Manager > Samsung Account

2. Sign in to your Samsung account.

3. For a 2017-2021 model, go to My Account.

4. Select Payment Info.

  • 5. For a 2019-2021 model, go to Subscriptions.
  • For a 2015-2018 model, go to Purchase History.

6. Select the subscription you wish to cancel.

How to Cancel HBO on Samsung TV from a Web Browser?

Not everyone may want to cancel on their Samsung TV. Thankfully, there is an option to do this online from the ease of your smartphone’s internet browser or any computer/laptop.

1. First, go to payon.tvand log into your Samsung account.

2. Go to the Purchase Historymenu and select Subscriptions.

3. Locate your HBO subscription and select Unsubscribe.

Just like that, you have now canceled HBO from your Samsung TV. As stated previously, because of the flexibility of these new streaming services, you can resubscribe at any time.

Should I Have HBO on my Samsung TV?

One of the perks of services like HBO is that they can be canceled and reinstated at any time, as opposed to their predecessor, cable. Flexibility is one of the essential benefits of having access to these services.

If you are a big movie buff or enjoy more of a variety in the shows you watch, HBO could be a good choice for you. Having the ability to watch the movie or show in question unlimited times without having to set your DVR to record, is very appealing to many. Especially if you loathe commercials; when utilizing streaming platforms most have very few, if any, commercials.

These benefits to using streaming platforms, such as HBO on Samsung TV are great, but whether it’s right for you is a question only you can answer. If you need to lower the number of subscriptions or lower your monthly bill, it may be time to say goodbye to HBO for now.

How to Re-subscribe to HBO on my Samsung TV?

Another question that users might be thinking is, how do I resubscribe to HBO on my Samsung TV if canceled previously? This is an easy process, especially since the HBO app should already be downloaded on the TV. If not, it requires a redownload but will have you enjoying their content again soon enough.

1. Open Smart Hub on your Samsung TV and select Apps. Search for HBO and open the app (if not opened already, simply select Download and then open once completed).

2. Once the HBO app is open, log into HBO with your previous information and select Start Your Subscription.

With all these possibilities at the tip of consumers’ fingertips, it creates difficult choices on which streaming services to use and which to forgo.


Having a TV that allows you to have streaming services built-in is beneficial, and the ease of use is incomparable to the need to use outside sources to accomplish the same task. Just because a Samsung TV comes with HBO does not mean you have to keep it; you can cancel or start at any time. If you decide to try HBO for now you can always bookmark this article for review later if the need for canceling HBO would arise.

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