How To Cancel An ADT Contract (Avoid Penalties And Fees)

A woman preparing to cancel her contract with ADTA woman preparing to cancel her contract with ADT

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ADT is an industry leader in home security and home security systems. Most of their services require a contract that can be difficult to get out of.

ADT gives a 3-day no-questions-asked refund valid up to three days after you sign your contract. ADT also offers a six-month money-back guarantee on faulty equipment.

Getting out of a contract with a company that makes most of its money through those contracts can be difficult if you try to escape without fees.

How to Cancel an ADT Contract (Avoiding Penalties and Fees)

ADT makes most of its money through recurring monthly contracts. Like a gym membership, they try and put as many roadblocks as possible in the cancellation process.

  • 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • A written Month’s notice of cancellation
  • Calling ADT customer support to cancel your contract
  • Buy your contract out for 75% of the money owed

If you keep your contract longer than six days and can’t prove within six months that ADT has not held up their end of the contract, then you will need to pay 75% of your contract balance.

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Options for Getting Out of ADT Contract Without Fees

There are a few options for getting out of your ADT contract without incurring fees, but only a few people will likely be able to get out without paying fees.

It’s also possible to transfer ownership of an ADT system. This might allow you to get out of your contract if one of these options is for you.

3-Day Money-Back GuaranteeA buyer’s remorse option that allows returning ADT’s equipment and a full refund within three days of signing the contract
6-Month Money-Back GuaranteeA six-month guarantee on equipment that allows a full refund and returns (except on install fees) as long as you can prove ADT is at fault
Month’s NoticeBe sure to give ADT a month’s notice before canceling your contract or you could incur additional fees
Call ADT Customer ServiceYou will need to call ADT on the phone to cancel your service. No online option is available.
75% Contract ValueADT charges a 75% of contract value fee for canceling before the end of the contract’s agreed-upon term

Keep on reading to get more info on the different cancellation policies ADT offers.

3-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The first way to end your contract with ADT without incurring fees is to back out of the contract within three days of signing it.

This is more of a buyer’s remorse guarantee than anything else. It is like a contract annulment. Allowing you to part ways with ADT before you are in too deep.

ADT will schedule a time to pick up their equipment from your home. You may or may not be reimbursed for any installation fees incurred when setting up the equipment.

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

The six-month money-back guarantee is more for when a customer is unsatisfied with ADT’s service or doesn’t feel ADT honored their contract fully.

ADT not honoring their contract can be anything from equipment issues to recurring system problems. You will need to give ADT a chance to repair any issues.

You will also need to prove that ADT has failed to get a full refund of your contract. It can be difficult to prove if the problem is not obvious.

For your records, if needed, you should keep any times and dates of problems with ADT or their equipment to get out of your contract.

ADT will schedule a tech to come and remove any ADT equipment after processing your cancellation. 

ADT will only issue a full refund once one of their techs has removed and checked ADT’s equipment from your home. 

Be Certain your Problems are ADT’s and Not Your Own

If you have an ADT system, you can do some basic troubleshooting of your own. 

It is possible that one of the problems you are having is listed here and can be fixed easily without needing to contact ADT.

Be Sure to Give a Month’s Notice

It is also important to note that the cancellation clause of your contract requires at least a month’s notice of cancellation of your contract on your end. 

It is also possible that ADT will require your month’s notice to be in writing instead of over the phone.

So, if your contract time frame ends and you don’t give them a month’s notice, you may still be on the hook for another month of fees.

It would be best to attempt to have your billing period end date and date of cancellation coincide if possible to avoid additional charges.

Contacting ADT Customer Service

ADT tries to put up as many roadblocks as possible in the contract cancellation process. You must call their customer service line to speak to an agent.

The ADT customer service line is (800) ADT-ASAP or (800) 773-1391. It is not possible to cancel your ADT service online. 

They want to try their hardest to retain your business, and they will attempt this when you call. There is no other option to cancel your ADT service.

It is also possible that ADT will ask you to submit a written cancellation request.

Buy Your Contract for 75% of Contract Value

You will need to buy your contract out if you aren’t within the three days buyer’s remorse period or the six-month grace period for ADT systems issues.

ADT’s cancellation fee is at least 75% of the amount you would have paid had you not canceled your account.

There are no obvious ways to get out of this contract if you aren’t using the three-day or six-month money-back guarantee.


Getting out of an ADT contract without fees is possible if you act quickly, but it is more of a buyer’s remorse clause than a fee-less option.

Getting your money back is possible if you prove ADT is at fault. If you can’t prove ADT’s fault, you will likely have to pay 75% of your contract balance.

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