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How To Bold Text On iPhone In 3 Easy Steps

Last Updated Dec 18, 2022
iphone in hand

Making your text bold is an easy way to make the text easier to read. To change this setting, it will only take 3 easy steps! So easy!

How To Bold Text On iPhone In 3 Easy Steps

Find “Accessibility” In “Settings”

First thing you need to do is find “Accessibility” on the “Settings” menu option. It is a little further down.

Click On “Display & Text Size”

Once you have the “Accessibility” menu open, you can find the “Display & Text Size” option. This will lead you to the 3rd and final step.

Turn On Bold Text

Find “Bold Text” and toggle it on so that it turns green. Your text will immediately change to bold.


Changing your text to bold is as easy as counting to three with these three easy steps!