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How To Block TikTok On iPhone In 5 Steps (Screenshots)

Last Updated Jan 10, 2023
iphone with apps

TikTok can be a dangerous app for teens and younger children. Or maybe you just don’t want it on your iPhone. It only takes 5 steps to block it so you don’t have to worry about it appearing on your phone.

How To Block TikTok On iPhone In 5 Steps

To complete these steps, you will need to have TikTok already deleted from the phone. Once that is done, follow these simple steps and you will have the app blocked.

Open Screen Time

First step is to open up Screen Time within the settings of your iPhone. Ensure that you have already enabled Screen Time on the device. 

arrow pointing at "screen time"

If you have not, do so and click on whether the device is yours or a child’s. Once you have completed this, you can move onto blocking TikTok.

Click Content & Privacy Restrictions

Click on Content & Privacy Restrictions. You will need to enable this so that you can make these restrictions. If not, Screen Time will only track the devices screen time and not block anything.

arrow pointing to "content and privacy restrictions"

Open iTunes & App Store Purchases

Open up iTunes & App Store Purchases. This is where you will be putting restrictions so the TikTok app can’t be downloaded on the phone again.

arrow pointing to "iPhone and app store purchases"

Find Installing Apps

Installing Apps should be the first option to choose from. You can change deleting too but we just have to focus on Installing Apps.

arrow pointing to "installing apps"

Choose “Don’t Allow”

Choose “Don’t Allow.” Once you have enabled this, apps can no longer be downloaded onto the phone. You can choose the option to require a password for downloads as well so some applications can be downloaded as long as you put in your password.

arrow pointing to "don't allow"

There will be a pin set so these settings can’t be changed on your child’s phone. This will keep the Tiktok app from being downloaded.


Now you can feel better knowing that the TikTok application can’t be downloaded onto the phone. But just remember, your child can access it through Safari unless you block it there too.