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How Tall Is the Eufy Floodlight? Full Dimensions

Last Updated Feb 2, 2022
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The Eufy Floodlight Camera is an easy way to bring increased protection to your home. This system is designed to add extra functionality by going far beyond what a traditional floodlight can do. Interest in this product may lead you to wonder at the dimensions of it- will it even fit with the space you have available?

The table below is a breakdown of a Eufy Floodlight’s full dimensions:

210 mm265 mm450 mm2220 g

If you would like to add the Eufy Floodlight to your home security system, you will need to know its dimensions to ensure correct installation. Read on to find out more about the dimensions of this product.

How Tall Is the Eufy Floodlight?

The Eufy Floodlight offers a way to rethink a traditional home security system. By combining so many features into one product, this option allows you to enjoy enhanced protection in any weather and at any time.

The Eufy Floodlight is highly adjustable. It is 210 mm tall, 265 mm wide, and 450 mm long. Packing it is easy, as it only weighs 2220 g or a little over a kilo. This allows you great versatility when the time comes to install your new home security gadget.

To install the Eufy Floodlight, you must make sure to have access to existing external wiring and a round weatherproof electrical box. Once you finish the installation, you will have access to non-stop power. Enjoying the many benefits of the Eufy Floodlight is easy when you are aware of its dimensions and how it will fit on your property.

What’s the Best Height and Angle for the Eufy Floodlight?

It may seem tricky to install the Eufy Floodlight at a height and angle that ensures the maximum detection range. It is best to not place it any higher than 3m from the ground. You should also make sure to check the angle- it should be tilted downward.

If the angle is bigger than 30 degrees, you will experience a significant reduction in the detection range. The installation of the Eufy Floodlight is a streamlined process when you have a few steps to guide. Here are a few to keep you company while you tackle this:

  • A pre-existing electrical box or junction box that can resist the elements is required. If you do not already have one, you must contact a professional to install it before you can place the Eufy Floodlight.
  • To achieve the best results, keep it between 8 and 10 ft (2.5m-3m) tall.
  • Do not place your Eufy Floodlight further than 20ft (6m) away from your WiFi router. Ensuring a good connection will help you get the best results. A speed under 1.5mbps will prevent the Floodlight from delivering data. A range extender can help.
  • When the Floodlight arrives, unpack it and connect it to the app indoors. Expand it and plug it in until the light turns on and the LED on the front blinks red.
  • After you connect it to the app, you can proceed to the outdoor installation. You will connect it to the junction box and screw it into your preferred position.
  • Continue adjusting it until you are happy with the placement and the angle.

How Does the Eufy Floodlight Protect You?

The Eufy Floodlight combines the power of illumination with a 1080p camera that provides a real-time response to movement on your property. This groundbreaking surveillance system also includes 2–way audio for increased communication.

The Eufy Floodlight comes equipped with a Smart Siren. If it is enabled, any uninvited guests will receive a full 100dB alarm blast that will make them reconsider their curiosity. The Floodlight has an IP65 weatherproof rating to ensure your safety in any season and any condition.

The wide-angle view of the 1080p camera will always provide high-quality surveillance of any area you choose to cover. Detection sensitivity settings can be customized, and the Floodlight will send you real-time notifications when anything happens.

Can You Install Eufy Floodlight on Ceiling?

Eufy Floodlight can be installed indoors, either on a wall or on a ceiling. If you want to maximize your home security system as much as possible, you can have a pair outside and one inside. This will cover your property in more detail, especially when paired with other devices.

How Bright Is Eufy Floodlight?

The Eufy Floodlight provides daytime brightness even at nighttime. The standard version has 2500-lumen brightness, while the Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro can go up to 3000 and includes different temperature bulbs.

No matter which you get, the high-brightness motion-activated Eufy Floodlights will keep intruders away by bathing them in light. The camera recordings will always be highly detailed and provided in full color to ensure accuracy.

Between the brightness and the Smart Siren, any intruder will know to keep away from your property. This full surveillance will offer you peace of mind at any time of day or night.


The Eufy Floodlight is 210 mm tall. It is a practical choice that is also 265 mm wide and 450 mm long. The Floodlight is lightweight and easy to install. It provides high-quality surveillance and a convenient intruder deterrent system.

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