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How Often to Empty the Roomba i7, i3, and 960?

Last Updated Oct 15, 2021
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Finally! You’ve either purchased a Roomba or had it gifted to you by a friend. Now, you can say goodbye to painstakingly maneuvering a traditional vacuum cleaner around those hard to reach corners of the floor, all while listening to the loud noise of the sweeper. However, despite the wonders of the 21st century, we’re not quite at a place where these miraculous machines can clean themselves.

For a Roomba i3, i7, or 960, you’ll want to make sure you are emptying the dustbin daily or as needed. You should also be cleaning the filter about once a week. This will involve removing it from its position in the device and shaking the lint off, into a trash can.

Emptying the Roomba is not the only necessary step to make sure it is clean and usable, however. To ensure that your Roomba is in the best possible shape for cleaning your floors, you will have several other forms of maintenance. Keep reading to find more about it.

How Often Do You Have to Empty the Robot Vacuum?

Whether you have an i-series or 900-series Roomba, many steps in the emptying process are the same. Clean the ‘full bin’ sensor as well as the front caster wheel about every two weeks. To do so, remove it from the device, clean out any dirt that has accumulated, and then replace it. 

Maintaining Your Robot Vacuum

Besides emptying your Roomba,  there are other ways of maintaining it you should follow.

Clean Your Robot Vacuum

Once a month, you should also clean the rubber rollers, other sensors, and charging contacts on your Roomba. 

The charging contacts are the pieces of metal that you attach your Roomba to when it is charging. You can clean the contacts with a Magic Eraser to make sure that they are ready to connect to your device, and you can do the same with the sensors.

Every two to three months, replace the filter for your Roomba. Washing your filter may help it to extend its life by a few months. 

However, be careful! Your Roomba filter cannot be even a little bit wet when you put it back in the device. If it is, the filter will be destroyed. The dust that enters it will congeal, and you will have to buy another one. Some experts recommend that you simply not wash your device with water at all. 

Replace the Brushes and Caster Wheel When Needed

Finally, keep an eye on the brushes and caster wheel. When they are starting to show some wear and tear, replace them for the best possible use of your device. You can find replacements for these at stores like Amazon.

What Are the Differences Between the Roomba Models? 

roomba i7

There are a few differences between the i7, i3, and 960 models that you should keep in mind, both when cleaning your Roomba, and when determining if you have selected the model that is best for you. 

The Roomba 960

If you have purchased a Roomba 960, you have the iAdapt camera, called the iAdapt 2.0. This allows you to best map out your house plan in order to reduce the likelihood of the device getting caught in an unexpected crevice. 

It can take a picture of objects in your home so that the Roomba can best navigate the space. This comes with the responsibility of cleaning the camera about once a month. In addition, ensure that there is nothing on top of the camera when it is in motion.

The Roomba i3

The Roomba i3 has the iAdapt 1.0, which can come up with a general outline of your home but cannot take pictures of it. 

The Roomba i7

The Rooma i7, however, has version 3.0. In this version, you can determine which rooms you want the Roomba to clean. It is even more advanced than the Roomba 960’s 2.0 model. 

Does the Roomba i7 Empty Itself?

Like Its i7+ counterpart and many of the other models, the Roomba i7 has automatic self-emptying technology, which allows it to empty itself. The Roomba has two dust disposal bags, each of which can empty thirty days’ worth of dirt. 

Because of this, with a Roomba i7, you may not need to physically empty the Roomba for up to 60 days at a time. 

If you would like to learn more about the Roomba i7, check out this article.

What Features Are the Same With All Roomba Models?

If you have not yet chosen a Roomba, a big part of picking the model that’s right for you will come down to deciding how efficiently you want the device to be able to navigate around furniture without getting stuck.

All of these mentioned models have the ability to:

  • Clean up cat hair
  • Go on hardwood floors
  • Sweep low pile carpets
  • Sweep carpets that are relatively flat to the ground 

If you are interested in vacuuming a shag rug or extremely plush carpet, you may consider going another level up, to the Roomba 980. 

To Conclude 

Taking care of a Roomba is by far less effort than the tedious process of vacuuming, especially if you keep it in the best shape possible. Getting used to a new technology may seem intimidating, but there are a host of YouTube Videos for a variety of different models that will also walk you through this process. 

Once you are familiar with the ins and outs of the series you have chosen, you can kick back, relax, and let your device do the work of cleaning your house for you!

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