Ring is well known as one of the premier providers of outdoor security systems.  One of their best sellers is the Ring Spotlight Cam; this is a versatile, wireless HD security camera that offers the ability to see, hear, and speak to anyone on your property from your personal phone, tablet, or PC. However, the price of all that power is energy, and that means you’ll need to replace your Ring Spotlight Cam batteries now and then.

Ring Spotlight Cam batteries generally must be replaced every six months to a year. Of course, factors like usage, brightness setting, and even the weather can impact the amount of battery power you use and how often the batteries actually need replacement. 

Honestly, a year doesn’t sound too bad, but there are a LOT of variables to consider.  Not everyone agrees with the time-frame reported, either. Some users report replacement every three months, particularly in colder weather. 

How Long Do the Ring Spotlight Batteries Last?

PC Magazine reports that the spotlight cam batteries are designed to last for six months to a year, depending on the variables previously noted. 

The Ring Spotlight Cam comes with a single rechargeable battery pack, with the ability to add a second pack if you choose. The process of recharging the battery is pretty straightforward, as well. Ring provides the following recharging instructions:

  1. To open the battery compartment, press the white button and lift it open. 
  2. Remove the battery by pressing the release tab.
  3. Connect any micro-USB charger to the charging port in the battery. During charging, both the red and green lights will light up.
  4. Your battery is fully charged when the light on the battery shines a solid green.
  5. Slide the fully charged battery back into the Spotlight Cam until it clicks in place. 
  6. Firmly close the battery compartment door. It might take a little pressure, but you’ll know it’s secure when you hear a click.
  7. Spotlight Cam will power up after a minute and be ready for use. 

Charge length will vary depending on what settings you have set up, usage levels, and weather. The colder it is, the quicker you will lose charge. (The Ring Spotlight Cam is designed to work in temperatures from -5°F to 120°F.)

How Expensive Are the Ring Floodlight Cam Battery Replacements?

Ring sells replacements or additional battery packs for around $30 on their site. Other retailers, like Amazon, offer battery replacements or additional packs for the same basic price. Additionally, Ring offers a solar panel to help maintain the Floodlight Cam’s charge.

As a recommendation, Ring suggests having the 2-battery system.  It reduces the risk of downtime due to dead batteries and keeps the system functional while a battery pack is recharging.

Is It Easy to Replace the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery?

Easy is an overstatement.  Literally, the entire process is six steps. Fix It outlines those steps as follows:

  1. Take down the Ring Spotlight Cam. Turn it backward and flip it upside down.
  2. Press down on the top button and open upward.
  3. Open the Spotlight Cam and remove the old battery pack.
  4. Put in the new battery pack.
  5. Close door by pushing downward.
  6. Turn it back to the correct orientation and replace it in the installation bracket you have already mounted.

Seems pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, doesn’t it?

Can You Use Regular Batteries in the Ring Spotlight Cam?

According to Ring, the answer is no.  The Spotlight Cam is designed to utilize only their proprietary rechargeable battery pack.  That said, there are ways to reduce battery usage or recharge the battery packs so they last longer.

Solar Panel

The first way to keep those packs well charged is to attach them to a solar panel. Keeping the pack plugged into the panel will keep the battery well charged as long as the battery is functional.  If you have the suggested second pack, the Spotlight Cam will automatically switch to it when the charge in the first pack becomes too diminished. 

Additionally, a message will be sent to you, alerting you to the battery failure and allowing you time to obtain a replacement.

Hard Wiring

The second way to avoid the battery issue is to hardwire it directly into your home’s wiring system.  This requires additional equipment. 

Amazon has Spotlight Cam mounts for around $10 to $20.  You can also purchase a full bracket set + camera from Ring for around $250; It comes with three mounting brackets, including the Spotlight Cam itself. The mount can be hardwired into 100-240V systems. 

Basically, you’re paying about $100 extra for the hardwiring capabilities.  At $30 per battery pack, it will pay for itself in about 2-3 years.

Final Thoughts

Ring has pretty much done it again.  They have a reliable product in the home security market.  With rechargeable batteries, solar panels, great video, audio and night vision capabilities, and more than adequate storage options, the Ring Spotlight Cam is definitely a product you want to look into if you don’t already have it. To learn more about the device, check out our article comparing the Ring Spotlight and Floodlight products!