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How Much Video Storage or Videos Does the Eufy Doorbell Store?

Last Updated Mar 15, 2021
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The Eufy Doorbell is one of the few video doorbells that does not require a subscription to use, although they do offer a subscription package of $3 a month if you need additional space. This begs the question: how much video storage does the Eufy Doorbell come with?

The Eufy wired doorbell stores 4GB of videos in its memory, eliminating the need for cloud storage. The home base that comes with the battery-powered Eufy doorbell offers 16GB of video storage, and the videos are stored in the home base’s memory.

There are a couple of differences between the battery-powered and wired doorbells where storage is concerned. Read on to learn more!

Wired Eufy Doorbell vs. Home Base Video Storage

The Eufy Doorbells come with two installation options: battery-powered or wired installation. The wired doorbell and the battery-powered Eufy Doorbell each have different amounts of storage and different storage areas.

The home base that comes with the battery-powered doorbell provides a better security option for storing the video footage, while the wired doorbell footage is accessible to anyone who might steal the device. (Do keep in mind that while doorbell theft is possible, there are alarms from the doorbell that would alert owners if someone were to tamper with it.)

Eufy storage cannot be expanded in either the battery-powered or wired doorbells, and if you have multiple devices linked to the home base, it could use up your storage faster. Eufy Doorbells record at a 2K resolution, so this can also quickly use up your storage.

Eufy Wired Doorbell Storage

The Wired doorbell offers 4GB of internal video footage storage. Eufy claims that this is plenty of memory for about 30 days of recording; however, that will depend on how busy the camera is.  All of this footage is stored on the doorbell itself. Should you need the video footage for evidence of a crime, you can download the videos from the EufySecurity App to an external device.

Eufy Battery-Powered Doorbell Storage

The Eufy Doorbell comes with a home base that doubles as a chime and video storage device. On the home base, 16GB of video recordings can be saved to the home base, and Eufy says that 16GB of storage should be enough space for 180 days of recordings. Like the wired doorbell, the videos can be downloaded from the Eufy Security App to an external device.

*Note: Eufy indoor cameras do support up to a 128GB SD card to make your storage last a lot longer.

How Much Space Do Videos Use on the Eufy Doorbell?

One minute of high definition recording uses about 27MB of data, and there are 4,000 MB in 4GB of storage. Using this calculation, 4GB of storage will last approximately 148 minutes or 148 one-minute clips. Depending on how busy your neighborhood is would depend on how long it would take you to use up the 4GB on the camera.

Similarly, there is about 16,000MB of storage on the home base; this allows for about 592 one-minute clips that can be stored on the home base memory.

As an additional storage option that is a little cheaper than investing in the home base (that can cost upwards of $100), you can purchase an external hard drive for under $100, depending on the size. It can be connected to your device to transfer video recordings onto it.

Eufy Cloud Storage Option

Eufy does have the option to purchase a subscription to the Eufy Security Cloud plans if you need additional storage space. This subscription allows you to access your stored data from any device connected to the internet. Each video uploaded to the cloud will be available for 14 days.

For $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year, you can get 30 days of rolling storage in the Eufy Cloud with the Basic plan. The Premier plan costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year and allows for 30 days of rolling storage for ten cameras.

Final Thoughts

The Eufy Doorbell has the potential to provide excellent home security with no required cloud subscription. The available storage space for each of Eufy’s cameras might differ slightly, but there are other options for transferring the video footage once the memory space is full.

It always eases a homeowner’s mind to know that their homes are protected, and Eufy Doorbell cameras do just that. So while you’re away from home, know that your home’s security is in Eufy’s capable hands, and they will continue to work hard to make sure your home is safe. 

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