How Much Storage Does Roku Ultra Have?

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You can’t really talk about top-notch streaming devices without mentioning Roku Ultra. Roku has been around for almost 2 decades and they only keep getting better. With Roku Ultra being much better than its predecessors in all ramifications including its power performance, cinematic streaming, and storage space.

The latest release of Roku Ultra which is the version released in 2020 has a storage capacity of about 4GB which is more than quadruple the capacity of the majority of its predecessors.

Now that you know the specified storage capacity of the 2020 version of Roku Ultra, keep reading as we discuss other specifics about this streamer that you might have missed and why the latest release of Roku Ultra definitely better than its predecessors.

Does Roku Ultra Have the Same Storage and Internal Memory Space?

Many people sometimes mistake storage for memory, but they are not the same thing, even though they are connected, and perform similar functions. Storage in simple terms is where data and other files are stored for a long period of time. While memory is where you can store and access data for temporary usage or for short-term usage.

Now that we have clearly stated the difference between storage and memory, Roku Ultra does not have the same storage capacity and memory space.

As we have previously stated, the latest version of Roku Ultra 2020 has a storage capacity of 4GB enabling its users to store larger amounts of data for long-term usage.

On the other hand, the memory space of the Roku Ultra 2020 is half of its total storage capacity, which is about 2GB. Unlike the 2017 version, the Roku Ultra 2020 does not come with a micro SD slot, this is because the removal of the micro SD slot allows games and other applications to load at a much faster rate.

How Many Versions of Roku Ultra Exist?

Before the creation of the Roku Ultra 2020, Roku had already created 4 different versions of arguably one of its best streamers.

  • Roku Ultra (4640) 2016: This was the very first version of the Roku Ultra, it has about 1GB for both its storage capacity and memory space. It also comes with a micro SD slot and profiles with Netflix just like some other Roku streamers.
  • Roku Ultra (4660) 2017: The Roku Ultra (4660) came into existence practically a year after the initial Ultra model was created. It has 1GB for its memory space and almost half of that (512MB) as its storage capacity. Like its predecessor, it also came with a micro SD slot, and it profiles with Netflix.
  • Roku Ultra (4661) 2018: The Roku Ultra (4660) was a huge step away from the previous two models that were created, albeit its storage capacity and memory space are the same as the 2017 version of the Roku Ultra. The big difference here is that Roku completely scrapped out its usage of a micro SD slot and Netflix profiling.
  • Roku Ultra (4610) 2019: The 2019  released version of Roku Ultra is similar to its immediate predecessor in many ways, with one of its key differences being that it has twice the memory capacity(2GB) as the 2018 version. Meaning that it is able to store twice the amount of applications and data for short-term usage as the Roku Ultra 2018.
  • Roku Ultra (4800) 2020: The Roku Ultra (4800) is currently the latest model of the Ultra streamers. With a memory space of 2GB and a storage capacity of 4GB, it is a huge improvement from all the previous versions of the Roku Ultra streamers.

What are the Major Features of Roku Ultra 2020?

Outside being one of the best streamers anyone can get their hands on, there are other numerous benefits one can get from choosing the Roku Ultra 2020. Some of the key takeaways from the 2020 version of the Roku Ultra streamer are.

Increased Performance Speed

The 2020 version of the Roku Ultra is 30% faster in terms of booting time, channel launching, and video starts than all the previous models of this particular Roku streamer. The interface is also much snappier than the previous versions and it doesn’t lag at all.


For the first time, the Roku Ultra streamer now supports Dolby vision. This might just be due to the fact that numerous streaming apps like Disney+, Netflix, and Apple TV+ have begun to accept Dolby version.


The 2020 Roku Ultra is the first Roku streaming player with built-in Bluetooth, an amazing addition for people that love to stream music on TV. It also supports audio via Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos if you have a supported soundbar and it also permit Dolby Atmos pass-through over HDMI.


The latest version of Roku Ultra has enough storage capacity for its users to store multiple files and data for long-term usage, in addition to other top-notch attributes. This is one streaming device no one can ever go wrong with.

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