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How Much Storage Do I Need on a Kindle Oasis?

Last Updated Oct 3, 2022
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The Kindle Oasis is a premium e-reader created by Amazon. It has a high-quality oversized screen and features automatic brightness. One of the best aspects is the adjustable warm light. With two storage sizes to choose from, you may wonder how many books you can fit on the Kindle Oasis.

You can fit between 3,000 and 6,000 ebooks on the 8GB version of the Oasis, depending on book size and number of books. With the 32GB version, that number can hit around 15,000. There are some factors that can affect this.

If you are interested in purchasing a Kindle Oasis, read on to find out more about how much book storage you can have on it. 

How Much Storage Do I Need on a Kindle Oasis?

The first version of the Kindle Oasis was released in 2016. The Oasis 2 was released in 2017, and the current generation, the Oasis 3, was released in 2019. This premium e-reader has quickly become one of the most popular Kindle models on the market.

The Kindle Oasis has two storage versions: 8GB and 32GB. The first option is great for those looking to have a practical e-reader to use on the go with a plentiful selection of book titles. The second is for the consummate bookworms looking to have huge e-libraries.

How Much Storage Does a Book Take on Kindle?

A book on the Kindle is usually from 1MB to 2.6MB. Some image-heavy or longer titles can go over that amount, but the average market size is 2.6MB. This means that book lovers can opt for either version of the Oasis and still have plenty of selections to choose from.

The average ebook has 300 pages. The usual size of a book with 300 pages on the Kindle has a size of 2.6MB. These books have around 75,000 words. If they include images, they will take up more space on the Kindle.

For example, the ever-popular Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has 345 pages and occupies around 2.6MB on the Kindle Oasis. This can vary significantly even with books with the same length. It all depends on the images, the fonts, and the amount of information on them.

To help with this, whenever you purchase a Kindle book on Amazon, you will see not just the number of pages but also the storage size it would take on an e-reader. This will help you stay in control of your e-library at all times, no matter how much storage you have available.

Is Kindle Oasis 8GB Enough?

The Kindle Oasis has an 8GB version that is perfectly suitable for avid readers. It is a practical solution for those seeking to read while on the go. Depending on the ebook size, the 8GB Kindle Oasis can usually fit between 3,000 and 6,000 titles on it at once.

The amount of actual free space on a Kindle Oasis with 8GB is around 6GB. Some space is taken up by the operating system. This is why the range is so wide. Most book lovers will be happy to have access to so many thousands of books at any time and anywhere.

The 8GB version of the Kindle Oasis is more than enough for those looking for a premium e-reader that can store thousands of books. It is also the cheaper version and allows users to have access to all the high-quality features without spending as much as on the 32GB version.

How Many Books Can a 32GB Kindle Oasis Hold?

The 32GB version of the Oasis Kindle is the most spacious one, and it is recommended for those with a huge e-library. This is the ideal option for bookworms with a great passion for books looking to have access to their full library at all times.

The 32GB Kindle Oasis can hold around 15,000 books. This will depend on the size of each book, but on average, readers will have access to a huge amount of titles at their disposal. While it is the more expensive of the two, the 32GB Oasis can be the better long-term investment, depending on the type of reader.

This version of the Kindle Oasis brings with it peace of mind, as it won’t require as much time spent on organizing books. Readers can simply sync up their library and get to their preferred titles whenever they wish.

What About Graphic Novels?

As they are more image-heavy, graphic novels and comic books will take up more space on the Kindle Oasis. For example, Sandman Volume 1 is around 800MB, and Watchmen is around 650MB.

Those who love image-heavy material should be prepared to invest in more storage to make sure they have access to their favorites whenever they wish.


The Kindle Oasis has an 8GB version and a 32GB version. The 8GB version can fit up to 6,000 titles, while the 32GB can fit around 15,000. The best-suited size for each reader will depend on how many books they want to have on their device at once.

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