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How Much Is the Ring Professional Monitoring Cost?

Last Updated Apr 26, 2020
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You can self-monitor your Ring Alarm without a subscription plan, but if you are in a meeting or otherwise busy when an event occurs in or outside of your home, you could be left unprotected. I recommend Ring’s professional monitoring plan to ensure that your home is always protected, and I have provided information on how much it costs.

How much is the Ring Professional Monitoring cost? Ring Protect Plus, Ring’s professional monitoring subscription plan, costs $10 a month or $100 a year per location. A Ring Alarm system is required.

To determine if a Ring Protect Plus plan is right for you and your budget, you will need to know exactly what you get when you pay for Protect Plus and how Ring professional monitoring works.

Ring Professional Monitoring Cost

The Protect Plus plan is the only way to get professional monitoring for your Ring Alarm system. You cannot purchase professional monitoring separately. The Ring Alarm is a great system and it’s even smash proof.

The cost is $10 a month. If you pay for a whole year, it is $100, which saves you $20 off the monthly subscription price.

Your Ring Alarm also comes with a 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plus, so you can try out professional monitoring before you purchase it.

If you have two different Ring Alarm locations such as a home and an office or business, you will need to purchase two separate Protect Plus plans.

Cancellations and Refunds

Both monthly and annual subscription plans will automatically renew until you cancel them. There is no contract for Ring subscription plans, so you can cancel your plan at any time by signing into your account at

When you cancel a yearly plan, you will receive a prorated refund for the remainder of the year minus $10 for every month that you used the plan. For example, if you pay for a year of Protect Plus in January and cancel in March, you will receive a refund of $70. Monthly plans are not eligible for a refund.

You can also upgrade from the Basic Protect plan which doesn’t include professional monitoring. The Basic Protect plan will be canceled, and a new billing cycle will start for the Protect Plus plan. If you paid for a year of Basic Protect, you will receive a prorated refund after you upgrade.

How Ring Professional Monitoring Works

When you sign up for Protect Plus with professional monitoring, you will create a list of at least two emergency contacts and a verbal passcode for communicating with the Ring Monitoring Center.

Any time your alarm is triggered, the Monitoring Center will automatically call you to confirm the emergency. If you answer, you will need to give the agent your verbal passcode and confirm that there is an emergency. The agent will dispatch the appropriate emergency services if needed.

If you do not answer, the Monitoring Center will leave you an automated voicemail and begin calling your list of emergency contacts. If an emergency contact answers the call, they must provide your verbal passcode. If none of your emergency contacts answer, the police will automatically be dispatched.

The average call response time is 30 seconds.

Ring Alarm Add-On Devices

The Ring Monitoring Center will also notify you and/or dispatch emergency services if you have one of the following Ring Alarm add-on devices, and it detects a problem:

  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Panic button
  • Flood & Freeze Sensor

Professional monitoring is not available for Ring video doorbells and security cameras.

Additional Professional Monitoring Features

One of the really neat features of Ring professional monitoring is the 7-Day Practice Mode that Ring uses when you initially sign up for professional monitoring.

Practice Mode gives you time to learn how to use your Ring Alarm without risking emergency services being dispatched to your home for a false alarm, which could result in a fine.

During the practice week, if the Monitoring Center detects a problem in your home, they will notify you but will not dispatch emergency services unless you confirm with an agent that there is a real emergency.

You can exit Practice Mode early when you are ready to fully utilize your professional monitoring plan.

Ring professional monitoring also gives you the option to create a Duress Code to discreetly call 911 from your Ring Alarm Keypad. This is helpful if someone is in your home, and you do not want them to know you have called 911 for safety reasons.

Click here for directions on how to set up and use a Ring Alarm Duress Code.

Other Ring Protect Plus Features

In addition to professional monitoring, Ring Protect Plus includes an extended warranty on all Ring devices at the location for the duration of time that you are paying for the subscription plan.

In order for a device to qualify for the extended warranty, it must still be under its original one-year warranty when you sign up for Protect Plus.

The other perk exclusive to the Protect Plus plan is a 10% discount on Ring products purchased at To receive the discount, you must also be signed up on Ring’s Neighbors app.

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