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How Much Does Element TV Weigh?

Last Updated Feb 24, 2022
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Wait! Before you put that new Element TV in your online cart and click “purchase,” have you checked its weight yet? When purchasing one of Element’s exceptional TVs, buyers usually consider factors like resolution, screen size, and refresh rate, amongst many others, but few think about the TV’s overall weight. If you don’t have the time to look up every Element TV’s weight, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

An Element TV’s weight is rarely consistent between models, but you can get a relatively accurate idea of how much it will weigh by looking at its screen size. Below is a table detailing the average weight of an Element TV in accordance with its screen size.

Screen SizeOverall Weight (Pounds)
43”16.10 with stand/ 15.30 without
55”28.70 with stand/ 27.90 without
65″38.80 with stand/ 37.90 without
70”50.70 with stand/ 50.00

If you’re considering purchasing a new Element TV, read on as we discuss how this brand’s TVs compare to others in terms of overall weight and why you might want to consider an Element TVs weight a bit more heavily in the future before purchasing one.

Are Element TVs Considered Heavy?

Several factors contribute to a TV’s weight, such as its design, size, and the materials used. However, one-factor consumers might not be familiar with is that a TV’s brand can also play a role in its weight, as some have particular styles or opt for specific materials and resources in their build, particularly those trademarked by the company.

So, when it comes to weight, how does Element compare to other popular television brands?

As a brand, televisions made by Element typically fall on the lighter side of the scale, considering the average 46″ TV weighs about 32.4 pounds with a stand and 28.4 pounds without one.

While we don’t have a 46″ Element TV weight listed in the previous table, we can still conclude the brand’s televisions fall below what is considered average since the screen size most comparable to the measurements mentioned above for a 46″ TV is the Element’s 50″ TV.

But, if that is not enough, here is an additional table that compares the weight of a 50″ TV offered by multiple brands in addition to Element.

50″ Television ModelWeight (Pound)s
Element 50″ 4K 2160p Roku Smart LED28
Panasonic TC-L50E60 (LED-LCD)38.6
Sony KDL50EX645 (LED)35
TCL 50S425 (LED)23.6
Samsung LH50BETHLGFXGO (LED)35.3
LG 50LA6900 (LED)38

While these weights are not consistent for every model created by each brand, they do demonstrate a trend that Element’s television tends to be lighter compared to competitive products of the same size.

Does Weight Matter?

You’ve just decided you want a brand-new Element TV and are now faced with the challenge of dwindling the hundreds of exceptional options to the one you’re most comfortable purchasing. During this process, you’re probably weighing a number of pros and cons and making a list of features and factors that are important to consider. The question is, should weight be one of them?

Yes, Element TV consumers should consider the weight of the potential TV to ensure they can have the proper equipment to mount or hold the television.

There was a time when everyone placed their TVs on large entertainment stands or shelves, but with the rising popularity and affordability of slim, lightweight- flatscreen TVs, it is becoming more common for people to mount their TVs on the wall.

Whether you go the old-school route and purchase your Element TV with a stand or opt for the more modern wall mount, you’ll want to include the TV’s weight in the equation. Most Element TVs of substantial size don’t weigh over 50 pounds, but you should still make sure whatever stand or shelf you place it on can bear its weight, and then some.

Choosing the Right Wall Mount

Probably the more important and relevant reason why you need to consider your Element TVs weight is that you’ll need to buy the proper wall mount that is built for products of this size. Pairing an Element TV with a wall mount that isn’t suited for its weight could not only risk the safety of your TV but also the integrity of your wall, as the mount will likely break and damage any infrastructure as it struggles to uphold an oversize TV.

Usually, when you purchase an Element TV with the intent to mount it on a wall, you’ll have to go directly to their wall mount store and purchase one designed specifically for the TV size you have (they are rarely included with the TVs purchase). This is when it is crucial to know your TV’s weight, especially if you can’t recall its screen size, so you can match the TV and mount it correctly.

Final Thoughts

In the grand scheme of things, the weight will rarely be one of the top five features you’ll consider when choosing between Element TVs, but it isn’t something you’ll want to ignore or overlook. Generally speaking, Element TVs are lighter than competitors, so your chances of purchasing a stand or wall mount that can’t bear its weight are slim. Even so, it’s best to know this information than to risk the safety of your TV and other equipment.

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