Are you looking to install a video security system in your home? Ring has been around for a while and is one of the most popular camera systems on the market. Of course, there is the initial purchase cost, but you may be wondering if there are additional fees you’ll incur to reap the maximum benefit.

The cost to run a Ring camera is based on the level of service desired by the homeowner. Simple phone notifications are included for free, while monthly plans that record video and offer professional monitoring can be purchased for $100 per year or less.

In this article, we’ll discuss how much it costs to run these devices. What are some other things that come into play when considering these ongoing expenses? Let’s find out!

Understanding the Costs of Running a Ring Camera

What started in Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff’s garage, and was shot down by the investors on Shark Tank in 2013, has grown into a thriving DIY home security business acquired in 2018 by Amazon for a hefty sum. The Sharks’ loss, however, is the average homeowner’s gain. Ring, while it has skyrocketed into the upper stratosphere of the business world, continues to be an affordable option for people who want to protect their home and family on a budget.

Ring offers a variety of security products for homes and businesses, including:

These Ring devices range in price, and the costs to operate them depend on their data and electricity usage, in addition to the type of Ring Protection plan you opt for.

What Are the Costs of Ring’s Protection Plans?

Considering the high cost of just about everything these days, Ring’s protection plans are a bargain:

Ring Protection PlanNumber of DevicesMonthly CostYearly Cost

Phone notifications when motion is detectedxxx
Real-time videoxxx
Two-way talkxxx
Lifetime theft protectionxxx
60 days of video history xx
Video saving and sharing on your mobile device xx
Snapshot capture xx
People-only mode xx
Photo preview without opening the app  x
24/7 monitoring by a professional company  x
Extended warranty  x

Are There Hidden Costs to Using a Ring Camera?

Aside from the two protection plans available for a Ring camera, you could be wondering what other costs you might have to consider if you decide to install a video doorbell or security camera in your home. There are a couple to keep in mind:

Power Source

One hidden cost is found in how the camera or doorbell is powered. Depending on the model, ring cameras and doorbells can be powered in two ways: hardwired and battery-powered.


Hardwired models tap into your home’s existing power supply, and that expense is incorporated into your monthly power bill. The cost is negligible, though. Doorbells, because they use existing wiring that requires low voltage (8 volts as opposed to the 120 volts found in the rest of the house), pull very little power—less than 2 watts per year.

Wired security cameras plug into a standard outlet and draw power like any other appliance. Again, the cost is not significant.


Ring devices that run on battery power use a rechargeable battery pack. These packs must be charged regularly for the camera or doorbell to work. That’s why many homeowners purchase additional battery packs, so a charged replacement is ready when a battery needs recharging.

The cost of a rechargeable pack is $29.99. For the same price, Ring also offers a charging station for its battery packs to make charging multiple packs easier. Still, the battery-powered devices use less than 5 watts per year, barely a blip on your power bill.

Internet Connectivity

When adding a Ring camera or doorbell to your home security plan, one thing to consider is your internet connectivity. Most homeowners who install these devices are already connected to the internet, but it’s still important to make sure you have the necessary internet speed to effectively use the features of your security system.

The Ring cameras need a minimum of 1 Mbps to send video through the app. Having 2 Mbps or more is better. The hidden cost here is choosing an internet service plan that provides the speed you need. This varies by region and provider.

Final Thoughts

Ring cameras are a relatively inexpensive way to keep an eye on your home or workplace without spending too much. If you’re looking for a simple, easily installed security camera option, put a Ring on your home without ringing up a lot of costs.