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How Much Data Does Streaming Pandora Use?

Last Updated Nov 4, 2021
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Pandora is a popular music streaming service that allows you to listen to radio stations based on your favorite artists. With Pandora, you can choose a particular artist or song, and it will find a station with similar music to what was chosen to listen to. However, how much data does Pandora use?

Streaming Pandora uses between 23MB and 58MB per hour. The setting that you choose determines whether the output will be 23 MB or 58 MB per hour. The standard definition setting uses data at about 23 MB per hour, whereas the high definition setting uses approximately 58 MB per hour.

You may still be asking yourself, “Which setting should I use on my device?”, “Can I use cellular data to access Pandora?” or “Does having Premium or the free version have a difference in data usage?” Continue reading below to get answers to all questions you may have regarding data use and streaming Pandora.

Can I use Cellular Data to Access Pandora?

Cellular data can be used to access Pandora. A Wi-Fi network can also be used to connect to Pandora.

It is recommended to use a Wi-Fi network when available so that you do not have to utilize your data plan on your cellular device, as this may require more fees. When connecting to a Wi-Fi source, make sure this connection is strong or there may be delays in your music and stations.

Which Quality Setting Should I Use While Streaming Pandora?

Streaming Pandora uses between 23MB and 58MB per hour. The setting that you choose determines whether the output will be 23 MB or 58 MB per hour. The standard definition setting uses data at about 23 MB per hour, whereas the high-definition setting uses approximately 58 MB per hour.

It is important to choose whichever works best for your listening experience. If 58 MB is in your data budget and you enjoy the high definition listening experience better, you may choose that. If you want a lower data expenditure, you should go with the standard definition quality option.

If you cannot tell the difference in quality when playing with the settings, you may want to go for the standard definition quality to utilize less data.

Standard Definition23 MB per hour
High Definition58 MB per hour

Does Having Premium or The Free Version Have a Difference In Data Usage?

Having Pandora Premium versus having the free version does not make a difference in data usage across the board. However, some may be willing to listen to music more frequently with the Premium version due to more music options and less ads.

If this is the case, then you have to take into account that you will be clocking more listening hours and; therefore, using more data. The amount of time you spend listening to and streaming music has a direct correlation on how much data is being used. The more you listen to music, the more data it is going to consume.

Keep track of how much you listen or see if you can find the hours used on the settings on your mobile device if concerned about data usage. Having the free version versus the premium version should not make a difference in data usage if you are using it the same amount of time.

Pandora Perks

Pandora is a great option when listening to today’s hits, streaming music, and listening to your favorite playlists offered on the platform. One of the best features of Pandora is you can put in any song or artist that you want to listen to, and Pandora will generate a specific, unique playlist just for you based off of the artist or song you entered.

It offers great diversity when it comes to your music listening experience. Pandora data usage is easy to measure if you can track how many hours you are listening and know what quality you are listening in.

Final Thoughts

You have now been presented with useful information when it comes to choosing whether to stream Pandora off your devices and whether it is the best choice for you. Check the settings on your Pandora music app to see what quality you are listening in.

If you are concerned about data usage, you probably want to program to listen in standard definition. If you have more flexibility when it comes to data usage, the high-definition option may be best for your overall listening experience. This means you know exactly how much data you are using if you keep track of how many hours you are streaming and listening.

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