Since its announcement in 2011, Snapchat stays firmly the most used app in social media history, with millions of users.The iconic little yellow Ghostface has us truly addicted, in maintaining our snapstreaks and keeping tracks of friends in the Snapmaps, can also take up a huge amount of data from our mobile devices or tablets. 

Snapchat did not announce how much data its app uses, however online reviews and our mobile data settings estimate the app makes use of 1MB per snap. This is excluding edits, like filters or texts. In a month, the app data usage estimates to 1.1 GB or more. Some users manage to spend up to 10 GB per month.

It becomes problematic, especially with people with limited data. We’ll take a look at what causes Snapchat to consume so much data. Here we would inform you on how much the Snapchat’s data usage, as well as tips to maintain your data. 

Why Does Snapchat Use So Much Data?

Snapchat’s constant intake of data shows no signs of slowing down, especially with the tracking on its map, shared stories, new interactive filters, geo-filters and regular updates. Although these new features make it more exciting in the Snapchat experience, it adds more to mobile bills. 

Fortunately, Snapchat has a Data Saver Mode which helps minimize the usage of data when using it and when not using it. If you do enjoy using Snapchat 24/7, you can switch to an unlimited data plan or switch to a WI-FI. 

How Can I Reduce My Snapchat Data Usage?

If you’re looking for a way to reduce the amount of data being used up by Snapchat, the app recommends using the Data Saver Mode, also known as the Travel Mode. The Data Saver Mode avoids other images and videos to download in the background if the story wasn’t tapped on. It can be activated for three days, one week or until it’s been turned off. 

If you’d like to learn more about data usage, check out this article.

How to Turn Data Saver On & Off

Here’s how to turn the Data Saver Mode on or off.


Follow these steps to turn on the data saver setting on Snapchat for IOS:

  1. Tap on the Profile screen to open the Settings icon.
  2. Under ‘Additional services’ tap on Manage.
  3. Switch ‘Data Saver’ on or off.

Now, let’s take a look at the process for Android.

On Android

Follow these steps to turn on the data saver setting on Snapchat for Android:

  1. Tap on the Profile screen to open the Settings icon.
  2. Under ‘Features’ tap on Data Saver.
  3. Switch ‘Data Saver’ on or off. 

You could also check the data usage of Snapchat by going to the settings of your mobile devices. 

If you’d like to keep your photos from Snapchat without using a lot of data, you can use a USB such as this one and save space.

How Can I Check the Data Usage of Snapchat on My Mobile Phone?

You can take a look at the data usage on the Snapchat app on your iPhone by selecting ‘Cellular’ in the Settings App. When you scroll down and locate Snapchat, below it there would be a number which indicates the amount of data being used up. 

You can prevent Snapchat from using mobile data by turning off the switch. 

However, to check the mobile data usage on your Android, it’s similar to the iPhone. Open your Settings app and scroll down. When you see ‘Apps’, tap on it and you will see the names of all the apps on your phone. Navigate down and locate the Snapchat app on your Android. The number below it is the data the app has used up. 

To learn more about what the app has used, tap on the name and you would see how much memory, storage, battery and mobile data it has used up. 

Does Snapchat Use Mobile Data When Connected to WiFi?

Like every other social media platform, the Snapchat app needs to be connected to the internet to send and receive Snaps, view friends Stories and view friends on Snapmaps. However, you can open Snap without an internet connection, as long as they have already been downloaded via an internet connection.

When you’re connected to Wi-Fi, Snapchat no longer uses your mobile data. However, if your Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough or connection is slow, then your phone will immediately switch to data by the use of Wi-Fi Assist for IOS or Smart Network Switch for an Android device.

 If Wi-Fi assistance is enabled on the phone, the phone automatically activates the mobile network when the Wi-Fi connection is not strong enough, which means that Snapchat will continue to use mobile data even when you are connected to Wi-Fi, which can lead to the use of much data.


For IOS, Wi-Fi Assist is turned on by default. You can disable it under ‘Mobile Data’ in your Settings app by following these simple steps when handling the Wi-Fi Assist:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on Mobile Data.
  2. Scroll down and toggle the Wi-Fi Assist to either turn on or off.

Now, let’s look at Android.

On Android

For Android, the Smart Network Switch is off by default, however you can turn it on or off. Here’s an easy guide to show you how to turn the Smart Network Switch on and off:

1. Open the Settings app and Wi-Fi.

2. Scroll down and tap More and then tap on the Smart Network switch.

Now you know about how much data Snapchat uses.


Overall Snapchat is a multi-purpose media platform that can be used for both advertising and electronic campaigns. It’s an app to share and keep memories of friends and family, although each memory takes up a large amount of data.