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How Much Data Does Ring Alarm Use Per Month?

Last Updated Nov 7, 2021
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Your Ring device is one of the most beneficial purchases you have made in a long time. The added security it provides you has drastically reduced the amount of time you worry about being at risk in your home. Recently, you have noticed a drastic change in your data usage that has caused your WiFi bill to climb to a whole new level.

The amount of data a Ring alarm uses can vary at any given time. You could use as little as 50 GB a month or as many as 300 GB per month. The best way to gain better control over your specific data usage is to personalize the settings on your device.

There are several ways to adjust your Ring Doorbell settings and make them more budget-friendly. A few minor tips and knowing what to look for in your settings will have you well on your way to only use the data for what you purchased the device for.

Different Settings for Different Preferences

Every Ring customer does not live in the same type of house or similar neighborhoods. Each customer and their family have different needs and expectations of a Ring device. This is the main reason you shouldn’t assume the default settings are best for your home.

For example, if you have a pet, your motion sensors could be activated more frequently, and living very close to the road or sidewalk could cause a never-ending stream of alerts to be sent to your phone.

Take a look at some of the different settings available and choose what would make your life and your data usage better.

  • Motion Zones
  • Resolution
  • Pet Recognition
  • Video Clip Length
  • Motion Sensitivity
  • Cellphone as a Hotspot

Motion Zones

Motion zones can be set to cover a minimal or a larger area. If you live close to a road or sidewalk, you should consider making this zone just wide enough to reach your front porch. This will eliminate the constant turning on of your device when someone happens to walk down your street.


When setting your Ring device’s video resolution, you can turn it down just enough to see things clearly. This type of device doesn’t need to provide movie quality viewing, you just need to be able to see who is outside.

Lowering the resolution will help lower the data usage drastically and will not compromise the device’s purpose.

Pet Recognition

Some models of the Ring device allow for pet recognition. This works great to lower the device from being activated every time your pet walks around. There is no need for a pet to be the reason your Ring turns on and uses unnecessary data.

Video Clip Length

Once your Ring device does its job and alerts you to the activity that you have set it up to do, it will send you a video clip. You can adjust the length of time the device can record and send to you. Common sense would tell us the longer the clip, the more data will be used.

Lowering the time will still give you a view of the activity you need to see and will also lessen the data spent on the clip.

Motion Sensitivity

The motion sensitivity setting will allow you to control a big part of how the data is used. If you have your Ring alarm set on the highest motion setting, you will be alerted at every little move in and around your home. There are several reasons your motion sensor can be activated.

  • High Winds
  • Heavy Rain
  • Neighbor Walking By

These are just a few of the most common reasons for the sensor to be activated. 

You can review and try out a few different settings to see which one works best for your home. Take all things into consideration. Living in the country vs the city will play a part in this decision.

Cellphone as a Hotspot

If your data plan through your internet provider seems to always be going over every month, you can try using your cellphone as a hotspot. Many of us have unlimited cell phone data plans and once your Ring device is connected to your cell phone plan, your internet plan will not be affected.

This is a good idea as long as you have decent cell phone service. There could be issues if the hotspot loses connectivity or buffers from time to time.

Before switching to using your cell phone as a hotspot, call your internet service provider and see if they are offering any other types of data packages that are more affordable. Although cell phone data will work, your internet service is always more secure and reliable.

Final Thoughts

Your Ring device is an amazing smart device that gives you the peace of mind and security you need. To get the most out of your device, personalize the settings in your device. The default settings are not for everyone. We all live different lives. You do not have to max out all of your settings and data to get the most benefit from the Ring Doorbell.

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