How Much Data Does IHeartRadio Use?

Woman listening to music on her headphones.Woman listening to music on her headphones.

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IHeartRadio is a popular music streaming platform used by many regularly. It was founded in 2008 and is the largest broadcasting network in the United States. IHeartRadio can be accessed on your cellular device, computer, and many gaming console platforms. So much data does it take to use IHeartRadio?

IHeartRadio uses approximately 58 MB per hour of streaming on your device. IHeartRadio’s maximum bitrate is 128kbps. This means using a full GB of data would require just over 17 hours of playing or streaming. Since they have a maximum, it makes the data usage much more measurable and easy to keep track of usage.

After reading this information, you may still have some questions regarding data usage and IHeartRadio streaming. These questions may be “Does the data usage differ depending on which device I use to stream?” or “Do podcasts use more data than streaming music?” Continue reading to get these questions and many others about IHeartRadio data usage answered.

What Does IHeartRadio Offer

IHeartRadio is known as a radio station with today’s hits that can be listened to. However, it is not just the radio that is offered with this service now. With IHeartRadio, you can now enjoy multiple radio stations of your choice, streaming your favorite songs, and choosing from hundreds of podcasts offered.

IHeartRadio offers many options for listening and is tailored to customers of all backgrounds and age groups. IHeartRadio continues to grow diverse to reach all groups and be inclusive of everyone’s listening experience.

How Many Hours Should I Listen to IHeartRadio?

How many hours you listen to IHeartRadio’s services is dependent on your data limit and your listening goals. Check with your phone provider and see how much cellular data you have each month and what your regular monthly usage is.

Checking this value can give you an idea of if you have enough data to listen to IHeartRadio frequently or add it to your routine. You can also purchase more cellular data via your phone plan or make sure to use a Wi-Fi connection source to stream to avoid utilizing cellular data.

IHeartRadio Podcast Streaming Data Usage

Do you prefer listening to music on a long car ride or listening to an interesting podcast? Do you prefer the radio or picking which songs you listen to? Well, with IHeartRadio, you have the option to enjoy all of these options depending on what you want. IHeartRadio has become more diverse and offers many listening options to accompany many different audiences.

This means that the listening opportunities are endless. If you listen to podcasts frequently, you may want to know if it requires more data to stream than it does to listen to music. The quick answer to this question is that it does not. It turns out that both listening to podcasts and listening to music require the same amount of data.

However, you may listen to podcasts longer than you listen to music, which would require more data depending on how many hours you decide to listen. If you are a frequent podcast listener, take note of how long or how many episodes you listen to daily.

If you frequently listen using an iPhone, you can check under settings how many hours you use certain apps daily and weekly. This can give you a good idea of how many hours and how much data you require to listen to your favorite podcasts or music playlists.

Does Listening to IHeartRadio Require Cellular Data?

Listening to IHeartRadio requires cellular data if you are not actively connected to a Wi-Fi source. Being connected to a Wi-Fi source is always the best and most affordable option when a source is available to connect to. However, it is also an option to use cellular data to listen to IHeartRadio.

Does it Matter Which Device I am Streaming On?

Does the device you are listening to IHeartRadio on making a difference when it comes to data? You may be wondering if streaming on your phone takes more data than it does to stream on your PC or gaming console.

There is a difference in devices, but it is minuscule and not worth getting into. The difference per device is not a large factor and should not be considered when streaming IHeartRadio. The biggest concern when it comes to data and listening to IHeartRadio is whether you plan on being connected to a Wi-Fi service or not while streaming.

Final Thoughts

IHeartRadio data usage is much easier to measure than other devices and streaming services. This means you know exactly how much data you are using if you keep track of how many hours you are streaming and listening. Hopefully this article has been useful in your research on data usage. Happy listening!

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