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How Much Data Does Disney Plus Use?

Last Updated Nov 3, 2021
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Disney Plus is a wildly popular streaming service, thanks to its vast audience. Since it’s a streaming service the entire family can use, it’s only natural to wonder how much of a dent it’s going to put in your data. So, how much data does Disney Plus use?

Disney plus requires 1 GB to 3 GBs per hour, depending on the quality chosen to watch. Keep in mind the viewing quality when estimating the amount of data usage needed to stream Disney Plus from your devices.

You may still have the following questions: “Does it matter what devices I stream Disney Plus from?” “Does Disney Plus require cellular data or a Wi-Fi network to use?” “Is it best it watch in standard definition or high definition?” These questions and many more can be answered below. Continue reading for the answers about Disney Plus and the data usage expected when using this streaming service.

Does Streaming Disney Plus Require Cellular Service?

Streaming Disney Plus will require the use of cellular data if you are not connected to a Wifi server. It is recommended to use a Wi-Fi source when available to use the least amount of cellular data possible. If using Wi-Fi to stream, make sure the connection is strong.

A weak Wi-Fi connection can lead to the movie freezing and poor quality. The goal is to be able to enjoy a movie without interruptions and to have the best quality viewing experience. It is, however, an option to stream Disney plus using cellular data on your mobile device if needing to use it when a Wi-Fi network is not available. Contact your mobile network service provider to inquire about data usage questions or buy a plan that allows more data usage for streaming.

Streaming Disney Plus in Standard Definition

Watching a movie in standard definition is going to utilize the least amount of data. Watching a movie on Disney Plus in standard definition takes about 1 to 1.5 GBs per hour. This is similar for each streaming service, depending on the quality chosen to watch.

Suppose you are concerned about using too much data while watching a movie. In that case, it is in your best interest to switch your streaming service setting or your TV setting to SD instead of HD or any other option. Make sure to check both your television options and your option within the Disney app.

If viewing on a cellular device, PC, or laptop, look for this setting option within the Disney Plus app to make changes. However, the standard definition is the poorest quality of viewing, which takes up the least amount of data. Play with the settings on your device to see if standard definition viewing is the best option for you in your movie viewing experience.

Streaming Movies in High Definition

Watching a movie in high definition is better viewing quality than watching a movie in standard definition. However, you need to choose which is best for you regarding viewing quality and based on your monthly data usage allowance.

Below it is listed per hour how many GBs are used and needed per hour to stream on the Disney Plus platform. Watching a movie in high definition takes about 2.5 to 3 GBs of data per hour.

This is a better viewing option than the standard definition but does take up more data. These are all things to keep in mind before watching movies on Disney Plus if worried about data usage availability.

Standard Definition1-1.5 GB per hour
High Definition2.5-3 GB per hour

Time to Stream on Disney Plus

After reading this information about streaming movies, services, and data usage, hopefully, you can make the decisions necessary to fit your data usage needs to incorporate Disney Plus into your plan. If you do not have much data to spare for streaming, consider watching your favorite movies in standard definition on Disney Plus.

If you have data to spare, go ahead and enjoy your movie in high definition for your best viewing experience. Remember, you can access all things, Disney on this app, old and new. They have added new Disney originals to the platform that have not been shown in theatres or Disney Channel.

The Disney platform has all genres of movies to meet everyone’s viewing needs. Now that you know the data usage needs for this streaming platform, you can enjoy what Disney Plus has to offer. Happy streaming!