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How Much Data Does Blink Camera Use?

Last Updated Mar 3, 2022
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Having a camera that lets you know what’s happening outside your home sounds like a great idea, but how exactly does it work? Blink cameras always need an internet source, so it’s natural to want to know how much data your Blink camera will use.

The Blink Camera requires 750 KB of data per 5-second clip. The Blink camera specifically only records every time there is motion detected. This means the data usage entirely depends on how much motion is detected at your door daily.

If you’re interested in how much data a Blink camera uses, this is the article for you. Just stick around and keep reading.

The Blink camera requires a Wifi source at all times to be in use. This means if there is ever an internet slow down or outage, you may lose connection to your Blink camera device. Cellular data may also be used when accessing the app from your cellular device.

You can also access the app using a Wifi source if you connect your cellular device to a Wifi network. However, the Blink camera itself does require a Wifi source to operate at all times. Make sure that your Wifi source is secure and strong.

If your connection is not strong, you may receive poor video quality, not allowing you to see what is going on. Poor Wifi connection could also interfere with the camera working and recording when needed.

The Blink Camera only uses internet data when it is recording. The data used while the device is idle is minuscule. The data is used when any motion is recorded at the door or the area where it is installed.

The Blink camera requires 750 KB of data per 5-second clip that is recorded. This means that data usage can be large or small on this device, depending on how much motion is detected and for how long. There is an option to leave your Blink camera recording at all times.

Keep in mind that if you program this option for the constant record, this device’s data usage will be very high. It is highly recommended to keep the default setting on the Blink camera. The default setting on the Blink camera only records when motion is detected.

The Blink Camera is one of the better options when it comes to low data usage. Other security camera options do not have the option to only record when motion is detected. This means that some other devices are always on and recording, which utilizes a large amount of data consistently.

This is not ideal for someone who wants to use internet data only when needed to keep it at a minimum. Consult your internet provider if you worry that you do not have enough data or support for a security camera system.

Final Thoughts

The Blink Camera uses 750 KB of data per five-minute clip recorded on the system. Now that you have done the necessary research on the Blink camera device, you can make an informed decision on if your household should utilize it.

Contact your cellular network provider if you have questions about the connection on your phone and data usage. Follow the directions provided on the Blink Camera device for setting up instructions and tips on usage and utilization of the device. This device allows you to feel safe in your home and safely see your deliveries take place when not at home. Hopefully, you enjoy your new device and use data accordingly.

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