If you have an Arlo camera you are likely to wonder how much data it uses per month. Most usually overestimate how much internet they need. And in the case of the Arlo camera, it’s no different. This device obviously can’t work without the internet, and for it to function properly an internet connection is essential. So how much data does Arlo use?

The average data usage of an Arlo device is 850 MB (0.85GB) per month. This data usage could increase either by the quality of the video or if you decide to increase the length of the video recordings. 

Because these cameras have become super convenient, users have become more comfortable when they are away from home, or in their homes, whether they are using WiFi or Mobile Data. But convenience also comes at a cost. If you are looking to know more about the amount of Data usage used by your camera, then keep reading and you won’t be disappointed. 

How Much Internet Do Arlo Cameras Use?

Almost all Arlo cameras require internet for them to work well, especially internet that has good upload, download speed, and great bandwidth. 

And this is why Arlo cameras need good internet:

  • To upload video footage to your device, either your phone or laptop. 
  • To stream live video whenever you want it. 
  • To upload the footage to the cloud.
  • To keep the camera’s system up to date. 

You have to understand that Arlo cameras vary in their features. That some won’t use a lot of data while others will. And when they do use a lot of data, there is a reason behind that. 

This might come to be that you may have set your camera to live viewing, you may have increased the quality of the video, the length of the video recordings might also be increased or you have set your camera to upload recordings directly to the cloud. 

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How Much Data Does an Arlo Security Camera Use?

Even when the camera itself is set not to record or upload any videos, tiny bits of data are still being used. Knowing all that the question hasn’t been answered in-depth yet. So how much data can Arlo cameras use? 

Generally, if your camera is used for security purposes then it could use data between 3GB up to 389GB per month. If we look into it further then per day it’s about 100GB. 

Smaller devices like the ones used on doorbells then tend to use fewer data. The bottom line here is that the amount of data being used depends on the use of the camera and how often it is being used. 

Of course, the quality of the video also matters.  And the numbers can go higher by the minute. That’s why good storage on your device is recommended. 

Does Arlo Use Cellular Data?

If you don’t have WiFi connectivity then there is an option for using mobile data which is flexible to fit your needs. Whether you are traveling or don’t have WiFi in your home or you are in an area with no access to WiFi, the Arlo mobile data plan comes ready to use. 

All that is required is that you download the Arlo app on your phone, have 3G/4G connectivity, and you are set

You can view your home from anywhere providing you peace of mind. The plus side of this mobile app is that it is hassle-free, you can use as much or as little data without a long-term commitment. This means that you can stop your subscription plan whenever you want to. 

Without the dependency of WiFi connectivity, this mobile app is dependable whenever you want to check on something using your camera. With the advanced motion detector found on the Arlo camera itself, you are notified immediately on your phone. 

And using your app you get a live feed with the ability to preview the previous recordings. There is no worrying about your recordings being uploaded on the cloud because it is part of the plan. You can record, save, play and share. 

How Can You Reduce How Much Data Arlo Uses?

If you are getting worried about using a lot of data with your Arlo device, then there are ways to reduce this. But you have to understand that it comes with certain drawbacks.

Below are some of the things that you can do to reduce the amount of data used by your Camera:

  1. Arrange for your recordings to be stored locally- If you haven’t set your camera to upload your recording directly to the cloud, then it will use little data.
  2. Set the cameras to only work if there is a triggering event in your compound. 
  3. Switch your camera to low resolution and quality. 
  4. Switch your camera off when you are onsite. 

Now you know everything about Arlo data per month.

In Conclusion

In this article, we have highlighted that the Arlo device can use at around 850 Mb per month. But it can increase depending on the bandwidth of your particular camera. If you are using mobile data be sure to know that it can be used up very quickly. 

In addition to all that, keep in mind that if you have multiple cameras then the data usage will increase.