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How Much Data Does A Eufy Doorbell Use?

Last Updated Nov 2, 2021
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In the age of technology, video and audio surveillance everywhere is becoming more of a regular thing. Many people are making the switch from old school doorbells to video doorbells to receive alerts to their phones when someone is nearby their home. Having video surveillance doorbells that record allows you to see visitors, mail delivery, and intruders.

Eufy doorbells use anywhere between 3-5GB of data per month. Though it may not seem like a lot, it can quickly eat away at a limited data plan. If at all possible, you should avoid using a Eufy doorbell strictly on your cellular plan, especially if you’re sharing a data plan with others.

Data usage is an important factor to consider before adding a video doorbell system to your home. In this article, we breakdown what factors cause the 3 to 5 GB data variance as well as other important Eufy data information.   

Will Eufy Doorbells Work Without Wi-Fi?

Eufy doorbells can work without Wi-Fi; however, they will not perform as optimally as they would with Wi-Fi, and some features will be unavailable. If you do not have Wi-Fi available, the Eufy doorbell will still chime when someone rings the bell, alerting you of guests.

You should still receive bits of footage when someone is at your door. Your doorbell without Wi-Fi, though, will not provide high-quality videos, will not save recordings, and getting video alerts to your phone will not always be reliant.

Can Eufy Doorbells Use Cellular Data?

If your home is not Wi-Fi equipped due to lack of coverage in your area, all hope is not lost. Eufy doorbells will work with cellular data. This capability does not mean you can expect the doorbell to connect to your phone while you and your device are nowhere near the doorbell.

You would need to purchase an extra phone with a hotspot available to keep home, or a separate mobile hotspot enabled device like a NETGEAR Nighthawk or Verizon Jetpack to connect the Eufy doorbell via a cellular network.

To connect a Eufy doorbell to a mobile hotspot device, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your hotspot device is ready and available.
  • Open Eufy’s security app and select your device.
  • Follow the screen prompts to connect your doorbell to the available hotspot.
  • Lastly, grab a helper and drive down the street. Have your extra hands attempt the doorbell while you are away to ensure connectivity.

How Much Wi-Fi Does A Eufy Doorbell Use?

Eufy doorbells consume data given they are constantly connected to the internet and are there to provide you with video surveillance and recordings. How much data a Eufy doorbell uses will vary depending on a few factors.

  • How often movement occurs in front of your door.
  • How often your doorbell is ringing.
  • How long the camera is recording when a guest is nearby.
  • How often settings are amended in the phone app.
  • If the phone app is constantly running in the background of your phone.
  • If you view live-stream footage frequently.

Even when our video doorbells are not in use, it is good to keep in mind; they are constantly pinging servers using tiny data bits. According to a test done by Eufy support themselves, a Eufy-cam with a home base and two cameras consumed about 528 MB per month.

This study included live viewing each camera three times daily, live viewing 30 seconds each time, and a streaming rate of 100KB/s. Eufy-cams are not doorbells, though, but this study will help give you the minimum to expect a doorbell will use.

It is impossible to precisely know the amount of data a Eufy doorbell will use in each scenario. Still, there is a general variance that has been proven a common trend among security doorbell usage. It is a good rule of thumb to expect your video doorbell to use between 3 to 5 GB per month and sometimes less, depending on usage.

Final Thoughts

Eufy doorbells are a hit among doorbell users that do not care to pay for subscriptions, prefer Google Assist over Amazon Alexa, and like the convenience of battery power. Eufy states a doorbell battery should last 6 months with average activity levels. If the doorbell you are replacing is wired, you can still use a battery Eufy with your existing chime if preferred.

A worthy competitor of the Eufy doorbell is a Ring doorbell. What sets Eufy apart is that they can work with Google and Alexa compared to Ring, which is solely Alexa compatible. Finally, Eufy doorbells do not require a monthly subscription for video storage. Video is stored on a Eufy Homebase rather than in only the cloud, you can pay a subscription for additional storage if needed, but it is not necessary.

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