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How Many Years Is a Vivint Contract? (Plus Cost & How to Cancel)

Last Updated Aug 27, 2020
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When looking to buy a smart security system for your home or office, it is always an excellent idea to review the terms of the provider’s contract before making your decision. For example, while Vivint offers users superb smart home security services, they can be notoriously tricky when it comes to the terms and conditions of their contracts.

Vivint requires users to opt-in for a lengthy contract ranging from 42 to 60 months. Users can choose between its two packages—Smart Home Service and Smart Security Service, which cost $29.99 and $39.99 per month, respectively. Canceling a Vivint contract requires users to send a written notice at least 30 days before their cancellation date.

In the remainder of this article, we’ll cover everything you should know about Vivint contracts, their cost, and how to cancel a Vivint contract should you decide to move or switch home security service providers.

How Long is a Vivint Contract?

Just like other reputable home security and monitoring companies, Vivint requires users to enter into a long-term contract to benefit from its services. Vivint offers two major plans: Smart Home Service and Smart Security Service, which require a 3.5-5-year contract if you choose to finance your equipment purchase.

Month-to-Month Contracts

However, if you are buying your Vivint security equipment upfront, you do not need to enter a lengthy contract, and their professional monitoring service can be paid on a month by month basis.

Below is a table detailing Vivint’s packages plus their monthly costs and features:

 Smart Home ServiceSmart Security Service
Monitoring priceStarts at $39.99/monthStarts at $29.99/month
Motion DetectionYesYes
Home Environmental MonitoringYesYes
Security CamerasYesNo
Smart Home DevicesYesNo
Video Monitoring OptionYesNo
(Source: Safety)

Aside from the official monitoring price, you may also need to pay for an installation cost, which begins at $49.99, depending on your desired Vivint equipment. In addition, the Smart Security Service package allows you to add extra smart home tools such as smart lights, smart locks, thermostats, and others for as little as $50 to $249.99.

How Can I Get Out of My Vivint Contract?

Vivint, over the years, has been faced with several lawsuits regarding its iron-clad lengthy contracts and unclear cancellation clauses. In essence, Vivint requires users to commit to a 42 to a 60-month contract and maintains a strict contract cancellation policy.

If your contract is past your Right of Recession Period (days or weeks you are allowed to cancel your contract after installation without penalty), Vivint requires that you pay off the balance on your contract or find a qualified candidate to take over your remaining contract.

Extenuating Circumstances

Vivint also allows users to get out of their contract without paying off their balance if they are faced with extenuating circumstances.

If something unexpected occurs like death, bankruptcy, mental-related sickness, or a transition to an assisted living home, Vivint may allow you to get out of your contract without any penalties. However, you will need to submit some form of documentation to back up your claims.

If you want to get out of your Vivint contract mid-way, you will need to email, fax, or mail a written Notice of Cancellation (NOC) at least 30 days before your chosen date of cancellation. Your NOC must contain your service number, date, intent to cancel, and your signature.

For more information about how to cancel your Vivint contract, check out this article.

What Happens When My Vivint Contract Expires?

When searching for a home security company, you should look at their auto-renewal policy. For instance, if they offer an auto-renewal policy, you may be locked into a new contract after your old one expires without your knowledge.

On the other hand, if there is no auto-renewal policy, you may end up without working security coverage for your home, thereby leaving it unsecured.

Vivint, like many other home security companies in the US, offers an automatic renewal policy, but over the years, this has been one of the causes behind its numerous lawsuits. While its auto-renewal policy is clearly stated on the company website, there are barely any terms or conditions about it, outside of a request to call 1-800-216-5232 for more information.

However, comments by users on Reddit who have been victims of unclear auto-renewal policies claimed that they were auto-renewed for an extra year when their contract was about to expire.

With that said, it is best to cancel your Vivint contract several weeks before it is set to expire, especially if you do not plan on continuing to use their services. In addition, it is recommended to call the company to confirm that your NOC was received, or that the contract has been canceled.

Final Thoughts

Security is one of the major concerns of every homeowner and renter. With companies like Vivint offering smart home security services at an affordable rate, you can be assured that your home is protected.

However, before deciding on going with Vivint or any other home security provider, you should study the contract carefully for any hidden clause or policy that may affect you in the long run. Doing this may end up saving you hundreds of dollars!

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