How Many Watts And Amps Does An Insignia TV Use?


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With electricity bills skyrocketing everywhere, people are more conscientious about the amount of power they consume with the electronics they are using at home. This is very evident in the recent sales of TVs as more and more people are inquiring about power savings. You may also be wondering how many watts and amps an Insignia TV uses?

Each Insignia TV has a different amount of amps and watts used. Many factors like size, backlighting, and screen type will affect the numbers for each Insignia TV. You can view this information on the sales tag or original packaging when selecting a TV.

If you do not have the time to Google the watts and amps or stare at a box in the store for what feels like forever, you are not alone. Luckily, we have compiled a general list to help you determine the watts and amps for each Insignia TV. Read on to find out how they correlate.

Amps and Watts Break Down

Figuring out how many amps and watts a TV uses can be a little stressful. You need to know what you will buy before you get it at the store to make the process easier. That means no impulse buys without a quick guide to help you. We have compiled that quick guide to make your life easier. Find a table below highlighting the amps and watts for different Insignia TVs.

Insignia TV Screen SizeAmpsWatts
19 Inch0.18 – 0.220-22
24 Inch0.31 – 0.4535-50
32 Inch0.37 – 0.6341-70
39 Inch0.26 – 0.3029-34
40 Inch0.45 – 0.9050-100
42 Inch0.51 – 1.0957-120
43 Inch0.48 – 0.7653-84
50 Inch0.90 – 1.36100-150
55 Inch0.72 – 1.6380-180
65 Inch0.77 – 1.8185-200
70 Inch1 – 2110-220

These are estimated averages based on manufacturers’ designated information from the TV manuals on their website. These averages provide you with a good range of expectations to ensure you do not overload your power supply or generator.

While the 24-inch Insignia TV uses significantly less energy than the 50-inch Insignia TV, it still uses relatively low energy. You can do many things to save energy and not sacrifice screen size, such as making sure the lights are turned off.

LCD vs. LED Watts and Amps

It is important to keep in mind when selecting a TV that the watts and amps are different depending on the type of screen that the TV is using. LED TVs tend to consume fewer watts and amps than LCD TVs. In other words, LED TVs are both more cost-effective and more energy-efficient than LCD TVs.

This phenomenon happens due to the number of pixels in each screen type. LED TVs have more pixels than their LCD counterparts. Due to the increase in pixels, less backlighting is needed to produce a clearer, sharper image. This reduces power consumption while providing higher-quality imaging. While other factors also help energy efficiency, this is the main reason.

Power Problems

If you have brought your new Insignia TV home or the camper and turned it on, only to find it is not powering up, you are probably disappointed. Sometimes this happens when a TV is connected to a generator or a power source that is not equipped to hold a certain capacity. Keep reading to learn some troubleshooting tips to fix this problem.

Check the Breaker

First; it is important to check to see that the power is on to other items in the house that run off the same circuit breaker. This will help you determine if it is the TV, outlet, or breaker. If some devices in the house are on and others are not, it is likely an issue with the breaker. Here is how you can reset it safely:

  1. Go to the breaker box in your home.
  2. Look for the breaker that is not flipped in the same direction as the other breakers on the board.
  3. Flip the breaker all the way over to the wrong side of the other breakers.
  4. Flip the breaker back over into the position that the other breakers are in.
  5. The breaker should now be reset and power should be restored.

If your breaker does not function properly and provides power to the connected devices after it is reset, you will likely need to contact an electrician to take a look at the breaker. It may need to be replaced in its entirety.

Check the Outlet

Before panicking about the lack of power, check to see if the TV is plugged in. If it is and is still not turning on, find a device that you know works. Plug it into the same outlet, and turn it on. If it works, it is the TV; if it does not, it may need a new outlet. If you are not familiar with electrical work, it is best to call an electrician to change the outlet for you.

This could also be why your Insignia TV has a black screen or is automatically turning off.

Check the Generator

If you are trying to connect a TV to a campsite or a generator, you want to see if your generator has the load capacity to handle the addition of a TV.  Smaller generators typically have limits to what they can handle and may not be able to run the same amount of items as a larger generator. If this is the case, unplug something else, or wait to use the TV at home.

Amped Up for an Insignia TV

Insignia TVs are average power-consuming TVs. Their smaller TVs, such as the 19-inch, are not energy-star rated, but they will not consume so much power that it will break the bank. When TV shopping, opt for the LED TV for the most cost savings. It will be worth it for you and your wallet in the long run.

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