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How Many Square Feet Can a Roomba 960 Clean?

Last Updated Dec 8, 2021
A roomba i7 vacuum on carpets

While the Roomba 960 is not one of the newest models Roomba manufactures, in fact it was released in 2016, it still has quite a few of the same features that the new products carry. We are going to discuss these specs at length, but first we know you want to know: how many square feet can the Roomba 960 clean?

The Roomba 960 can clean up to 2,000 square feet of any space. And although the battery won’t last quite that long, it has recharge and resume capabilities, so the vacuum will dock, charge, and then return to clean where it left off. 

It doesn’t just clean 2,000 square feet, it can also map the area with Smart Mapping. In fact, your Roomba 960 might get to know the layout of your space even better than you do! It also comes equipped with a variety of other tech features that make it one of Roomba’s best, and most affordable robot vacuums

Does The Roomba 960 Have Smart Mapping?

Smart Mapping is a pretty amazing feature, as it enables your robot to familarize itself with up to 10 different floor plans on different levels or even various homes or spaces that you need it to clean. And yes, the Roomba 960 has it!

The vSLAM navigation uses visual stimulations with both an internal camera and floor sensors to analyze every inch of your floor space, including obstacles like furniture, area rugs, and even “Kepp Out Zones” like play areas or pet feeding stations. 

It can measure the distance between doorways, under couches, and between chair legs so that it can easily clean your floor more efficiently and without getting stuck. 

The 960 is the most economical Roomba model with this feature, and has been called the best “bang for your buck” option by users and experts. 

How Long Will the Roomba 960 Battery Last?

After a full charge, Roomba claims that the battery of the 960 will last about 2 hours, however users have reported that it’s more like 70-75 minutes. Realistically, the battery life will seriously depend on the type of floor the Roomba is cleaning. 

Carpeted areas take more work, and therefore will rinse the battery more quickly than cleaning hardwood floors or tiles. Also, the machine will have to exert more energy to clean a bigger mess, so if it’s been a while since you employed the robot vacuum, it battery may not last as long as usual. 

No matter how long the battery lasts the Roomba 960 will return to it’s charging dock when the battery is dying, recharge, and then resume cleaning exactly where it left off. 

This feature ensures that your 2,000 square foot space will be as clean as can be with every delpoyment of the device. 

The Roomba 960 will probably take between one and two hours to recharge, so if you have a spceial event or want your home cleaned by a certain time, it’s important to factor this break in. 

Again, although it depends on the floor itself and how dirty it is, the Roomba 960 will usually clean about 1,000 square feet per charge. 

How Does the Roomba 960 Compare With Other Models?

There are a few difference between the Roomba 960 and the other available options. So if you want to make sure you invest in the right robot vacuum for your home and budget, here’s an easy-to-read table to help you make your choice!

Square Footage 1200’2000’2000’2000’
Smart MappingNoYes YesYes
vSLAM Naviagtion NoYesYesYes
Self-emptyingNoNoNo (Yes with upgrage to i7+)Yes
Cleaning PowerStandard5x10x40x
Voice CommandYesYesYesYes

One other important difference to note is in regards to the Smart Mapping capabilities of the 960 versus the i7 or s9+. The mapping feature on the 960 is slightly dissimilar to the others as it does not internalaize the map. In fact, every time it cleans, it re-maps the space, as opposed to the i7 and s9+ which remember the layout and clean accordingly. 

Although this may make the 960 a little slower, it also makes it more adaptable. Users still believe the internalized mapping leads to a better clean, but it the 960 is the robot in your price point, it will still do a great job. 


2,000 square feet is larger than the standard American home, so the Roomba 960 will most likely be able to map and clean your entire space with ease! 

Hopefully you feel a little more educated on the Roomba variations, including what the 960 has to offer, and now know just which vacuum is right for you!