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How Many Square Feet Can A Roomba 690 Clean?

Last Updated Oct 9, 2021
White Roomba i7 vacuum on light wood floors

Analyzing how many square feet a Roomba 690 can clean is a little different than with the other Roomba models. Usually, the maximum amount of square footage a Roomba vacuum can clean is how the same as how much it can map. 

Because the 690 model does not have smart mapping, it can realistically cover as many square feet as you need, however, you will have to place it in a new location after every recharge. The Roomba 960 can clean about 500-850 square feet with each full charge, depending on the type of flooring, and how dirty your space is.

Essentially, the 690 requires quite a lot more human interaction than the newer, more technologically advanced models. But don’t worry, we are going to dive deep into all the features the 690 has to offer, how it compares to the other Roomba models and all the pros and cons of choosing it as your robot vacuum. 

How Can the Roomba 690 Clean Thousands of Square Feet?

If you look it up online or check out our other articles, you will find that the newer models Roomba has released include a Smart Mapping feature that enables the robot to measure and internalize the entire floor plan of your home or workspace (up to 10 different rooms.) 

But the 690 is an older model and does not map, it simply uses sensors to detect obstacles as it moves through your space. Even though this may seem like an unfortunate lack of technology, it can actually allow the machine to clean even more rooms, as long as you are involved.

The 690 will return to its home base when the battery is dying and automatically recharge, but from there, you will need to manually move the vacuum to where it left off if you want it to continue to clean. With this tactic, you can continually place the 690 in different areas of your home or office and it will continue to clean the dirty floors. 

Some users have reported that the Roomba will only clean 1200 square feet at a time, even if the battery hasn’t died. While others say that the battery will almost certainly need recharging after 500-850 square feet, which usually takes 1 – 1.5 hours. 

Again, it really depends on your floors: carpets take more energy than hardwood or tiles, and pet hair and other dirt messes will also tire the machine out more quickly. 

How Does the Roomba 690 Compare To Other Models?

While each of the Roomba robot vacuums is essentially the same product, they each have a few different features that affect the price, as well as their adaptability to your space. We’ve compared the 690 here to the most similar options in both price and specs. 

Square Footage 1200’2000’2000’
Smart MappingNoYes Yes
vSLAM Naviagtion NoYesYes
Self-emptyingNoNoNo (Yes with upgrage to i7+)
Cleaning PowerStandard5x10x
Voice CommandYesYesYes

Now of course there are even more options from Roomba, so if you really want to be a robot vacuum expert, check out their website for every tiny detail. 

But if you’re really interested in the 690, keep reading because we are going to break down each and every feature it offers!

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Roomba 690?

Here’s what Roomba claims are the extensive positives for the 690 and the negatives that users have noticed.

Dirt Detect TechnologyiRobot App ConnectabilityVoice Control with Alexa/Google HomeCliff Detection SensorsEdge-Sweeping BrushAuto-Adjust BrushesOnly a “3-Stage Cleaning” (No extra suction power)No smart navigation or mappingNo recharge and resume featureCliff Detection Sensors can get confused on dark floorsNot self-emptying

It may seem like the 690 has quite a few deficits, but consumers have reported that they love their 690 model. If you want to get involved online and ask questions to real 690 owners, there are quite a few avenues to do so. 


The Roomba 690 can certainly clean a huge space, it just needs a little help in doing so. If you are willing to move your vacuum around your house or workplace after each charge, there’s no stopping it from cleaning thousands of square feet. 

If you want a robot that needs no interference and can clean every room on its own, you may want to upgrade to the i7 or the s9+, but they will cost a bit more. 

The brand as a whole is certainly one of, or even the best option on the market today, however, it is really up to you which model Roomba will work best for your life.

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