It seems as though there is a new model of almost every technological device coming out every day, or at least a few times a year. But whose to say that the older options don’t work just as well? Everyone loved the Roomba robot vacuum when they first came out, and their 675 model was incredibly popular. So if you already have one, or are considering purchasing one, you probably want to know how much of your space it will be able to clean.

The Roomba 675 can cover up to 1200 square feet of your home or workspace. However, it will need to recharge at some point during the clean. If your floor is mostly carpeted, it will probably head back to the dock after about 500 square feet, whereas on hardwood or tile it can last a little longer. After charging, it will need to be manually returned to where it left off. 

While we know there are a lot of options for a robot vacuum these days, the 675 is still a great option, and better yet, it’s one of the more affordable machines on the market. Even though the 675 has taken a bit of a backseat to the i7 and s9+, let’s break down each model and see how the 675 holds up to its newer counterparts. 

What Features Does the Roomba 675 Offer?

The Roomba 675 comes with a charging dock; it can easily navigate to its home to recharge, but then you will need to return it to where it left of cleaning to ensure the ensitre space is cleaned. 

So even if your home is extremely dirty, and the device gets tired quickly, it can always complete its 1,200 square feet clean with just a little human intervention! 

It’s also exciting that it doesn’t take too long to recharge, users have reported that within an hour or two ready to get back at it, making sure your home is sparkling clean!

So now that we know just how much square footage a Roomba 675 can clean, you might want to know what other specs it offers! Don’t worry, we’ve got them all right here. 

  • This model comes equipped with voice and smartphone control capabilities. You can connect your Roomba 675 to your Alexa or Google Home and instruct it from anywhere in your house! And, the iRobot app is available on every smartphone, enabling you to even control your vacuum from your car, the airport, or anywhere you can use your phone. 
  • Adaptive navigation and cliff detection ensure your Roomba 675 will be able to clean around any problem areas, and not fall down your stairs. It can detect and aptly steer clear of furniture, toys, dirty clothes, and more. 
  • You can set a schedule for your Roomba 675 on your iRobot app, so it will work whenever you want it to. It can also advise you if your home is in need of an extra cleaning when dust, pollen, and pet hair season takes its toll. 

Along with these tech features, the Roomba 675 does everything a standard vacuum does. It will make sure your space is clean as can be, while you’re at work, running errands, or even just sitting on the couch. 

What Does the Roomba 675 Not Offer?

There are just a few things that the 675 model does not offer, and they may or may not be a deal-breaker for you. 

  • The 675 does not come with a self-emptying dust bin, so you will have to clean it out yourself. Most users report that they clean it out once or twice a week, but it really depends on how dirty your floor is.
  • It doesn’t have Smart Mapping. While the newer models can create an internal floor plan of your space, the 675 is only driving with sensors. 
  • Extra strong pick-up power. Once again, the newer models, as we will discuss in the next section, claim to have 10x or even 40x the cleaning strength as the 675. 

How Does the Roomba 675 Compare to Newer Models?

Still not sure which is the best model for you? We’ve made it easy, here’s a spec by spec layout!

Cleaning StrengthStandard10x40x
Smart MappingNoYesYes
Square Footage1200’2000’2000’
Voice/App OperatedYesYesYes
Price (Lowest)$199.99$499.99$1099

As you can see, there is quite a big price difference amongst the various models, and although they are all essentially the same machine, the newer models do offer a few conveniences that the 675 doesn’t. 


If you’re the owner of a large home or workspace that exceeds 1200 square feet, the Roomba 675 may not be the model for you.

However, if it is within the machine’s maximum area coverage, it just might be the perfect model for your life and your budget. Luckily, you know all the pros and cons of the 675 so you can make an informed robot vacuum purchase!