How Many Phones Can Connect to Nest Hello?


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Whether or not you live in a bad neighborhood, security systems can keep you safe while being really convenient for food and package deliveries. When you live in a house with multiple people who may stay home alone at times, it’s even better that they are able to access that security system. Those who own a Nest Hello may wonder, how many phones can connect to it?

You can have up to 20 people connected to your Nest Hello. However, the extent of their access depends on who the owner gives permission.

In this article, we will guide you on how to connect your phones to Nest and how you’re able to share your account with other people.

Can You Connect Nest Doorbell to Multiple Phones?

A home isn’t just a building but a place to enjoy your favorite thing with your favorite people, like your spouse, roommates and parents. That’s why the Family account has been added to the Nest app, allowing multiple devices being connected to one account. 

The Family account can allow up to 10 people to have permissions to make changes to your Nest device settings, but the maximum number of people who can share the Nest home is 20. There is 1 owner, 9 people with full access and 10 with ‘Home entry only’ access.

However, the permissions vary. Let’s look at them below.

Owner Permissions

The owner permissions include:

  • Control all products in the Nest app.
  • Change the billing.
  • Have access to manage subscriptions.
  • View account and user activity history.
  • Invite people to share access to Nest production.
  • Change settings

Now, let’s look at full access.

Full Access Permissions

The full access permissions include:

  • Change settings
  • Invite people to share access to Nest production.
  • Control all products in the Nest app.
  • View account and user activity history.

Now, let’s look at home entry only.

Home Entry Only

‘Home entry only’ permissions include:

  • Be assigned a Google Nest Tag to arm and disarm Nest secure
  • Cannot control the Nest products from the Nest app
  • Cannot view history events for the home they have access to
  • Use a passcode to arm and disarm the Google Nest Secure and unlock the Google Nest

You can find out the people who have access to your Nest home and who, among the invited people, shared access to your Nest production.

How Do I Connect Two Phones to Nest?

The Nest app can connect multiple phones, allowing invited people to have access to control the account. If you have many people in your house, the Nest app makes it suitable for everyone by controlling it from their phone in their own comfort. Here’s how to share access to the device with other users.

In addition, it’s very easy to share access to the Nest account with someone else, although the person is required to have an account of their own, it doesn’t take a while to create one and get going.

Share the Nest Account

To share the Nest account, here’s what to do:

  1. Open the Nest app
  2. Tap on the Settings gear icon
  3. Select ‘Family’
  4. Tap the + next to ‘Add a family member’
  5. Choose ‘From contacts’ or ‘Enter email addresses

The first option is the simplest option of all, especially if you already have the person’s contact on your phone. Once you click on it, you can tap on the search button and search for their name or scroll down and select their contact. 

However, the second option, their email, would need to be in the contact card, since the app will automatically send them an email invitation to accept. If you select the ‘Enter email address’, you’ll have to enter the guest’s name and their email address, then you’ll tap on ‘Send invitation’ at the bottom of the screen.

Manage Your Users

Here’s how to manage your users once finished inviting them:

  1. After selecting your preferred option, the user you have invited is shown on the list as ‘invites’
  2. The invited person would receive an email invitation to accept and create a Nest account if they don’t have one
  3. Once they are finished signing up, the ‘invited’ tag would disappear from the list and they will now be able to control the specific structure the owner gave access to
  4. Whenever you want to remove the invited user, go to the ‘Family’ screen where their name is on the list and tap ‘Remove access’. This will remove them from the shared user and will no longer have access to your account. 

The Family feature has made it easier for owners to create multiple accounts just to invite a user. It’s a lot easier to add and remove, and if you’re curious about what the users have controlled in the account, you can check the usage history. There, you’ll always know what is happening in the house.

How to View Your Nest Usage History

If you’re curious about viewing your Nest hello history, you can actually look at your Nest’s usage history, to see events you missed and also past events within 60 days. 

Using the Google Home App

Google Home App:

  1. Open the Google home app
  2. Tap the ‘Feed’ icon
  3. Find the ‘Recent events’ tab
  4. Scroll down to see video clips that you missed
  5. Tap on a video clip to see camera events at a specific time of the day
  6. Swipe to get more information on the video clip
  7. Tap “Go to history” to see more events in the past 60 days. 
  8. In ‘Home history’, scroll left or right between the days
  9. Tap a date to see all the events that happened that day

Now, let’s look at the next method.

Using the Nest app

Nest App:

  1. Open the Nest app
  2. Tap the video of the camera live stream
  3. Under the camera live stream, you could see all the videos that occurred that day
  4. Tap on a video clip to see more information about the event
  5. Tap the ‘Sightline’ icon to see a timeline of events

If you want to save and download the clips or even share the clips, you can read more by clicking this link.

How to See Who Has Access to Your Nest Home

You can see people who have shared access to your home in the Nest app and the people who invited them. 

  1. Open the Nest app
  2. Tap the Settings gear icon.
  3. Tap ‘Family & guests’ (or ‘Family’ if you didn’t subscribe to the Nest Secure or Nest x Yale You would see a family icon beside it)
  4. Scroll down to the list and see everyone who has access to your Nest home 
  5. People with full access are grouped at the top.
  6. People with home entry only permissions are grouped at the bottom
  7. Owners appear above the list and next who has created the home
  8. Invited appear next to the people who have not accepted the invitation

Now you know everything about how many phones can connect to Nest Hello.

Google Nest Home has made homes safer for many families and improved the development of smart homes. The Nest app provides users to share, remove and control devices connected to the Nest app even when not at home.

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